Thursday, April 2, 2009

Harper misses G20 group photo?

Apparently. Harper missed the G20 group photo?

Weird? It’s not like they were asking him to wear some strange kamona of the host country or anything?

Maybe it’s because Bush wasn’t there to corral Harper by saying: “Yo Harper, put on your game face, we’re having our photo taken.”


Dr Mike said...

Harper must have thought that he was Barak Obama again & that he was already in the picture.

Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...

I think he was off camera......pouting.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Harper....MIA

Dr Mike said...

Doing an interview with anybody but a Canadian reporter????

Dr Mike.

CAITI said...

Maybe this was Harper's way of being noticed?

Evidently all the world leaders had to regather to have their photo retaken to include Harper.....who?...the guy from Canada. Oh that guy, haven't spoken with him. Don't know much about him?

It gives new meaning to Harper’s proud comment in the last throne speech that “Canada’s back on the world stage.......for the photo.....that I missed.... that had to be retaken”

penlan said...

According to British media he was in the "loo", although his press said something different as the reason. Of course they would - can't have the truth out (as usual), too embarrassing for our CRAP leader.

2nd photo done only this time the Italian PM was missing so it will likely have to be done a 3rd time. Maybe. Thanks "crappy" Steve.

Wilson said...

Harper may have been in the loo at the time, but he's still full of it.

Anonymous said...

The media is saying that Harper missed the group photo op at tghe G20 and assume that it was something that he did on purpose. Maybe the other nineteen gave him bad info about the time and place in order to exclude him?


Anonymous said...

Maybe Harper went to the G20 all full of piss and vinegar?

We only get the vinegar, which must mean they got the piss.

Anonymous said...

G20 and world leaders meet because the world in going down the toilet.....which Harper took too literally, by convening for a photo-op in the loo.

Misses his big chance to demonstrate Canada’s superior command of the situation by getting lost on the way to the forum.

Harper is the anti-Hope

Anonymous said...

I thought that "Ninety-five of success, is simply showing up" Woody Allen