Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Harper's inept criminal schemes

I just picked up a copy of the Toronto Sun to see the placement of today's No income, no trust article

It appears on the comments page just beneath Greg Weston’s article and occupies the bottom half of the page.

There is a head shot of myself along with my name that gives the impression I write frequently for the Sun (happy to do so if only they'd let me.....for free even).

I save the best for last however, because the body of the article contains a shot of Harper looking decidedly stupid (when doesn't he?), with his eyes cast down and it looks like he's biting his lip. Under that photo reads "Stephen Harper reversed himself on income trusts"

Think the PMO will notice the piece? Maybe this means that Harper might sue, given that the article accuses him of fraud and lying concealing and fabricating his income trust tax leakage lie. If so. this matter would be solved in court......in less than 10 minutes, I suspect.

Come on Harper.....aren't you concerned about someone degrading your “pristine” reputation and your "good" family name?

Aren’t my accusations of fraud at least as damaging to your “reputation” as accusations of bribery.....after all the charges of your fraud on income trusts is as valid as your attempted bribery of Chuck Cadman?

Too bad neither Chuck Cadman or Brent Fullard were dumb enough or dishonest enough to fall for your inept criminal schemes.


Dr Mike said...

It is a sad commentary on the state of things here in Canada when we , as a group , have to hope the the PM will launch a lawsuit against us just so we can have our day in court.

We need to have a right to have court action brought against a gov`t for it`s action on policy if we have been harmed either physically or financially.

All I can say is go ahead Stephen sue us.

Can`t wait.

Dr Mike.

WesternGrit said...

Stick a fork in him - he's done...