Monday, April 13, 2009

HST: Coming soon, to a polling booth near you!

In fact this ridiculous HST is coming to two polling booths near you....federal AND provincial. Time to vote these clowns out of office who think we Ontario voters want to pay a 13% tax on everything!

Flaherty will be the first Ontario politician to wear this tax, as voters in Whitby-Oshawa will come to realize who Flaherty's real constituency...... corporations .....just like with the punitive trust tax implemented at the behest of Manulife, Power Corporation, Suncor and BCE. (CCCE for short, namely the Canadian Council of Chief Executive Officers). I wonder how many members of the CCCE live in Whitby-Oshawa or ever pay the riding a visit?

Except of course the people who work for Power Corporation who were canvassing for Jim during the 2008 election.....those paid Investors’ Group representatives from outside the riding who were going door to door, handing out business cards and government literature on Flaherty’s Tax Free Savings Plans and praising his 31.5% investment tax on income trusts.

No doubt they will be out this next election extolling the virtues of Flaherty's 13% HST tax on everything.

Making Flaherty's HST, a carbon copy of Dion's carbon "tax on everything".

Good luck're going to need the same way that we don't need your HST, by which consumers now have the distinct privilege of paying the corporations' taxes.


Dr Mike said...

Here we go again.

First it was the GST which was supposed to lay bare a supposed hidden tax & as a result , prices would decrease.

Now this new HST which is supposed to decrease the work & expense for big business & as a result there would be monetary savings for you & I.

Wrong on both counts.

All that happened was that we payed more & the gov`t got rich.

Screwed again.

Dr Mike

Kephalos said...

Harper is on a mission to cut down the tax revenue base of the federal government.

The 2% reduction of GST and the harmonization with the provinces gives more room to the provinces to expand their tax revenue base at the expense of the federal government. Why?

As a Neo-Con, Harper hates government. Less is better until none is best. If Harper told Canadians what his Canada will lokk like, we'd laugh him out of office.

Harper is trying to do with the Treasury cheque-book what he cannot do by the Constitution. He is anti-Canada. He's also anti-democratic.

Anonymous said...

Hard to say what Oshawa-Whitby voters will think about this tax?

Yeah you are right about Investors Group. They have been infiltrating the Oshawa Public Library, parent councils and other equally inappropriate venues to recruit or sell their investment products. Apparently you have to sign a 3 year contract with Investors Group and deal with them exclusively? Also sounds like customers are very limited with investment products. Based on what I have seen, it is very questionable whether or not their financial advisers have proper training or experience.
An Investors Group rep' tried to recruit a friend of mine and her husband through a parent council thing. She worked on them for months. Fortunately my friends were smart enough to show this lady the door and not sign that contract.
Primerica has been just as bad in this area working on factory workers and a few other industries. I heard about a young guy giving up a decent auto job a few years ago to do Primerica full time and ended up going bankrupt. Very sad story ...

CCCE visiting this area - maybe now that Christine Elliot will have a higher profile, combined with this chunk of FED cash Oshawa is finally receiving for the harbour - maybe they will be coming soon?

Anonymous said...

Someone should start a petition against this HST, especially to Dalton. I am a Liberal, but I do not like this move.

crf said...

I don't think this will save much money for businesses or consumers. Complying with the technical details of the tax code shouldn't cost much, regardless of the details. In the short term, this change will introduce special compliance costs, since procedures will now have to be revamped as the method of calculating taxes has changed. Actual changes in the tax rate will result in lower rates for some goods, and save some businesses or consumers money, but be higher for others. Apparently, the net result is lower taxes. The net result being lower means lower government revenues: therefore, since governments are running temporary deficits, tax rates (either consumption taxes or income taxes) will have to be increased later.

I don't think we should at this change in terms of the ultimate rate of the Harmonized tax, but only in terms of how it is more "fair": goods and services should bear similar rates of taxation: eg, some goods were double taxed, and now they are not. So perhaps it is now more fair.

With Dalton, this is about quid pro quo.
For cooperating with Ottawa to make it look like the government is doing "something" (anything), he'll expect something in return.