Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tonight’s Michael Ignatieff Dinner in Toronto

I thought it only appropriate that income trust investors be well represented at tonight’s dinner in Toronto for Michael Ignatieff, that will bring out all the shining lights of Bay Street.

After all, it was Bay Street and self-interested groups like Manulife , Power Financial and TD Bank that gave the boots to income trusts investors under the auspices of the corrupt and compliant Harper government. It was also Bay Street and the Canadian banks who (as organizations) did absolutely nothing to protect the interests of their investing and issuing clients, meanwhile knowing full well that Flaherty’s tax leakage argument was a fabricated hoax upon which these banks’ clients were defrauded of $35 billion of their life savings and deprived of an asset class that was essential to their retirement plans. Not a pretty picture and not the kind of people who I would wish on my worst enemy.....not that I have any?

Thank you to all of you who purchased tickets and made possible the Canadian Association of Income Trust Investors’ table at tonight’s event for 1,000 participants, which I am told is oversold and presently with a waiting list.

As Michael Ignatieff has said on many occasions “Canadians deserve the truth”, which is all the income trust issue has ever been about from the outset and thereby serving to delineate those who are willing to be lied to, from those who (strangely?) aren’t.


Dr Mike said...

It is no wonder that people are suspicious of the gov`t as the Tax Fairness Plan should serve as a shining example as to why.

The "people" on the street made a request under the Access To Info Act to be shown Flaherty`s proof as to the necessity of the tax---nothing earth shaking here , just the facts which should be a simple feat as they must be right at the fingertips of the gov`t as it was them who fabricated this tax policy.

So what do they do , issue blacked-out highly censored pages declaring this info was hidden because it`s dissemination could lead to the economic collapse of the gov`t if it fell into the wrong hands.

Well , pffftttttt.

The subsequent recall of these same pages just added fuel to the fire of gov`t mistrust.

The people in Canada live in some sort of fear of their gov`t , whereas , it should be the other way round as we are the employers of these people & they must be held accountable to us.

This dinner in Toronto will hopefully be just the start of a new era in Canadian politics as a few righteous citizens will be there to hold their feet to the fire.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

CAITI members - thank you so much for stepping up to the plate for this dinner tonight.

It is very important CAITI has a strong presence at that dinner. Pressure (polite of course - this is a dinner) needs to be applied on Mr. Ignatieff these days. He will see your overflowing, full table and hopefully realize, he has a responsibility to his Income Trust supporters and Canadians in general. Please make sure your table is the "fun table" where everyone wants to be (that strategy should help get the group a decent photo op). So be extra nice to any photogs covering the event, as we need them to do a good job on your group photo. They need to send a saleable image to their editors - better that CAITI get any free publicity than some Bay Street loser. If your table is the "fun, friendly, happening table" photogs will automatically be drawn to your table.

Your table also needs to deliver the message "Bay Street CON(servative) artists are not the only people who matter in this country."

This is an excellent opportunity to remind Mr. Ignatieff we are all waiting for him to go after that "updated tax leakage report" and looking forward to the results.

Sometimes results can be achieved with kindness, respect and diplomacy. I am sure everyone at the CAITI table will work their "magic", while enjoying the dinner tonight. We will see how Mr. Ignatieff responds.

Either way thanks for trying. Brilliant strategy wallpapering that room with CAITI members.