Friday, April 3, 2009

Was Peter MacKay's decision to repair our tanks in Europe part of MacKay's NATO leadership bid?

Think about it. You’re Peter Mackay. You are Canada’s Minister of Defence. The DND reports to you. You want to head NATO. NATO has concerns about someone from North America running the Europe centric NATO, and all the economic spin-offs that accrue to Europe. Canada has a $1.2 billion tank refurbishment contract that it grant to either a European provider or a Canadian provider? Do you really think that Peter MacKay would grant this $1.2 billion contract to rebuild Canada’s tank fleet to Canada and enhance employment and technical expertise in Canada and not Europe, and thereby jeopardize his NATO ambitions? Give your head a shake. Peter MacKay is more important to Peter MacKay and his NATO ambitions, than any domestic economic consideration, hence the $1.2 billion contract is awarded to......

DND leaves Canadian firms in cold by opting to rebuild tanks in Europe

Defence minister has signed off on proposal

By David Pugliese,
The Ottawa Citizen
March 30, 2009

The Defence Department wants to rebuild its newly acquired Leopard 2 tanks at facilities in Europe, cutting out Canadian companies from doing the work.


Dr Mike said...

It`s time that Canadians became a bit more selfish & demand that the gov`t fulfills contracts here in Canada with Canadian labor , Canadian parts , & Canadian know-how.

It`s our dime & I could not care less if it costs us more--the extra cost will be offset by keeping the tax payable in this country.

To hell with Peter MacKay`s ambitions.

Dr Mike

Nicholas said...

I think what was more obvious was the meaningless attacks on Russia and their bombers approaching Canadian air space. Georgyi Memedov dismissed the entire event, saying that the Russian government informed the Canadian well in advanced. I've actually met Mr. Memedov and if he's anything it's brutally honest. Europe has been anxious about the resurgence of Russia, especially since the Russia-Ukraine Gas crisis left millions of Eastern and Central European homes without heat. Having a North American that knows how to deal with NATOs biggest foe would certainly be a plus for him. Too bad everyone saw through it.