Sunday, August 31, 2008

No, actually it is Harper who is dysfunctional

Stephen Harper is like the guy who loses a coin toss (i.e. upcoming by-elections) and then says: “let’s make it the best two out of three”.

How is this for Harper’s dysfunctional on again, off again democracy du jour:

Harper calls three federal byelections

July 25, 2008

Stephen Harper in a file photo. (CP PHOTO/Jonathan Hayward)

OTTAWA - Canadians will get an early look at a general election writ small this fall after Prime Minister Stephen Harper called federal byelections in three ridings in Quebec and Ontario.

The results of the Sept. 8 vote will reflect the impact of the slowing economy on Harper's Conservative party fortunes. They'll also provide an early indicator of any bounce or bottoming out as a result of Liberal Leader Stephane Dion's decision to make the environment the centrepiece of his summer stumping at a time when manufacturing jobs are disappearing in Canada's two most populous provinces.

The Conservatives are actively minimizing their chances in the by-elections, belying significant efforts they're making in at least two of the contests.

Harper calls a 4th federal byelection,

August 17, 2008 |
CBC News

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has called a fourth federal byelection for Sept. 22 in the Toronto riding of Don Valley West, setting the stage for a possible general election later this fall.

Voting in three other federal ridings for Sept. 8 was already announced last month by Harper. They include the Ontario riding of Guelph, and Saint-Lambert and Westmount-Ville-Marie in Quebec.

The Don Valley West riding had been held by long-serving Liberal John Godfrey, who signalled his intention to resign the seat some time ago but didn't make it official until Aug. 1.


Dr Mike said...

When is a law a law but sometimes may not be the law but had been deemed the law by the person breaking the law????

Only when your name is Stephen Harper.

I want my Canada back!!!!

Dr Mike Popovich.

Robert Gibbs said...

Harper's henchmen out to intimidate and harm Liberal supporters, Mugabe-style?

Vandals Endangering Lives

Car brake lines cut, politically motivated comments spray-painted on houses

August 30, 2008
Rob O'Flanagan


Vandals spray-painted the word "scum" in blood-red letters on the front wall of Frank Maine's Sherwood Drive home and lives were endangered when four vehicles had their brake lines cut overnight yesterday.

Maine was not the only Liberal party supporter whose property was stained with anti-Liberal graffiti, in what Guelph Police are calling "numerous cases of malicious damage and mischief incidents" throughout the city.

On top of brake lines being cut, two other vehicles had graffiti scratched into them.

At least 10 homes were attacked, including Maines' next-door neighbour and others in the northeast Guelph neighbourhood. Some homes in the city's south end where also struck.

It appears only residents with Liberal Frank Valeriote byelection signs on their lawns were victimized, and some graffiti was decidedly pro-New Democratic Party. NDP candidate Tom King angrily denounced the vandalism, and likened it to an act of hate. Valeriote called it "voter intimidation."

Anonymous said...

I guess Harper didn't think the Cons would win the by-elections. Down with the Harpocracy!! Time to bring back Democracy.

Polyian said...

Harper is so blatant about breaking the law. Is anyone surprised. He has lied to an misled the public from Day 1. Why anyone with morals, ethics or character would vote for him is beyond reason. I guess Harper supporters have the same 'gang' mentality of those that follow the average Bully.