Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Getting desperate and absurd, Stephen Harper claims Ignatieff has no moral compass

Just heard Harper live on TV saying in New Brunswick that Michael Ignatieff has no moral compass.

Meanwhile Harper does have a compass, a compass which points him due utter deceit and fraud: LIE CONCEAL FABRICATE


Dr Mike said...

Iggy has no moral compass??---WTF---this coming from the guy who promised to protect seniors nest eggs out of one side of his mouth & plotted to clean out their pocket book with the other--this coming from the guy who ran on a platform of accountability & openness & then issued 18 blacked-out pages -- this from a guy who hired Jim Flaherty as Finance Minister.

Have another sip of Kool-Aid with that Meow Mix.


Dr Mike

Big Winnie said...

I paid a visit to and here is what they say:

"A useful way to think about your “moral compass” is to think of it like an ordinary compass with true North representing Integrity, South - Forgiveness, East -Compassion, and West - Responsibility..

These four universal principles are honored in some form by people of all races and religions, regardless of gender"

His "moral compass" needle is only in his mind!

Anonymous said...

Big Winnie - Thanks for clarifying the moral compass. Interesting.

Hmm in this day in age I am fed up with politicians shoving their version of morality down our throats. CONs & NDPs are most guilty - or I deal with too many on a regular basis due to my geography. It also angers me that Dalton McGuinty generally sucks and the only reason he got a second term in Ontario is because everyone recognized publicly funding faith based education at the expense of the public system is wrong.

I would like to actually see politicians collectively do something positive for the majority of tax paying Canadians, instead of catering to demands of corporate swine. All politicians - don't care anymore what party - can start working on morality with correcting the situation on income trusts.