Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Would you buy a NEW car warranty from this snake oil salesman?

A new car warranty from Stephen Harper will only serve to crater car demand

For a new car warranty to have perceived value to a prospective new car buyer, it has to convey to the buyer that it is enforceable. Since when have Harper’s promises ever been enforceable” Fixed elections? Triple E Senates?.....the list goes on. I almost forget Harper’s sucker punch “warranty” on income trusts. That “perpetual” guarantee only lasted a mere nine months! When buying a new or used car from Stephen Harper, one must always read the fine print or check out the dealers reputation:

Leadership? Here’s Ten Reasons Why the Tax on Income Trusts Was a Public Policy “Train Wreck”

There’s considerable evidence to indicate the Harper government created the appearance of a crisis or phony crisis to sell the tax.

By W.T. Stanbury (Professor Emeritus, UBC) Sept. 22, 2008
The Hill Times

Introduction: Let’s start with Stephen Harper’s proposition that the central issue in the current election campaign is “leadership.” Effective leadership should produce good public policies. In this piece, I argue that there are ten reasons why the huge tax on income trusts announced on October 31,2006, and made into law on June 22,2007, is the greatest public policy “train wreck” in decades. It puts in question Mr. Harper’s leadership skills, and that includes his willingness to tell the truth. The tax may also be an albatross for Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.

1. Harper Denied He Reversed Himself

The income trust tax was an obvious reversal of repeated promises by Stephen Harper when he was Opposition Leader in 2005 and during the last election campaign. This reversal was widely perceived to be a serious ethical fault and Harper provided no convincing reason why such a reversal was justified. Harper did not lie because he did not intend to mislead the public with his promises. However, on November 1,2006 in the Commons, Mr. Harper did lie about what he said during the election campaign. The clearest statement was in the party’s election platform released on January 13,2006. “A Conservative government will…preserve income trusts by not imposing any new taxes on them.”

During Question Period on November 1,2006, the PM said: “The commitment of this party ….. was a commitment to protect the income of seniors”. On November 2, the PM said, ”this government will not apologize for trying to protect the interests of individuals and a tax system that makes big business pay its fair share.” You decide.

Ottawa jumps into the car warranty business

Government to spend up to $185-million to back warranties of new GM, Chrysler cars to prevent crisis from causing sales collapse


April 8, 2009

OTTAWA, TORONTO -- The federal government says it wants to protect consumers and parts suppliers faced with a potential bankruptcy filing by General Motors of Canada or Chrysler Canada by backstopping their warranties on new car sales and bolstering support for the parts makers.


Anonymous said...

Not on your life.I wouldn't buy a bottle of water in the desert from that grease ball.

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