Thursday, April 2, 2009

Harper at the G19: The antidote or the anti-Hope?

Possible explanations for Harper’s absence on the world stage abound:

Paul Martin is widely credited with “re-inventing” and giving increased significance to the G20 vis-à-vis the G8, while he served as Canada’s widely respected Minister of Finance. As such, out of pure political partisanship and hatred for anything Liberal at home or abroad, Harper thought he would out do Paul Martin by creating the G19 and, as his first act of unilateral implementation, deliberately missed the photo shoot.

What do you think Harper’s performance rating at the G20 meeting will be? Effort? Achievement? Attendance? Lateness?

The G20 (or was it the G19?) and world leaders meet because the world in going down the toilet.....which Harper took too literally, by convening for a photo-op in the loo.

Misses his big chance to demonstrate Canada’s superior command of the situation by getting lost on the way to the forum.

Obama is the Hope. Harper is the anti-Hope


Anonymous said...

I see that the photo back drop reads:


More apt, if it had read:

Stability|Growth|Jobs|Where's Elmo?

Anonymous said...

Listen up, eh? It was all planned. If the Master Tactician had showed for the official pic as per scheduled, what news is there in that? See, it was a tactical move.

Did the plan work. You bet. The Master Tactician got a tonne of coverage--so much so that the Mr. Italy did an immediate copycat to get his own coverage.

Beside that, they're all friends at the G20. Notice in the second picture that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has a hand out in front of the Master Tactician. Was she trying to cover for him?


CAITI said...


Maybe it was simply an exercise in “job sharing”, in light of the dearth of good jobs in a tough economy.

Harper has begun job sharing with the Italian PM, on the basis that it’s the only country in the G20 as corrupt as Canada.

Dr Mike said...

The worst thing was that I didn`t even notice that he was missing.

Wishful thinking I guess.

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

Maybe Harper thought he could simply prorugue the G20, given things weren't going his way?