Thursday, April 2, 2009

Terry Corcoran’s double standards.....or perhaps no standards at all?

You probably don’t know this, but Terry Corcoran has a piece in today’s Financial Post entitled "Hang the bankers", that disdains the placards that are being carried at the G20 by protestors. Evidently such conduct is beyond the pale for the erudite Terry Corcoran, Terry writes “It's hard to know how much loopier the executive compensation business, already beyond comprehension, will get. But it will. The placard-waving hang-the-banker activists and union leaders will see to that.”

Well, if carrying placards that carry the message that reads “Hang the bankers” is considered unacceptable and loopy, then journalists who write stories that read “vaporizing Brent Fullard would be a good idea, no matter what the occasion.” or “someone should encase income trust lobbyists in concrete and hurl them off a bridge into deep water” can’t be very far behind, can it?

Such are the standards of the Canadian press and people like the ultra-hypocritical Terry Corcoran and Eric Reguly in particular and Canada's national publications, the National Post and the Globe and Mail, since they are the proud authors and disseminators of those two very recommendations to their readers quoted above, to abandon all logic and fact and any intellectual arguments and replace them with acts of physical violence.

How very impressive on the part of these two cave dwellers.....with pens, but apparently denied of any access to the facts about income trusts and devoid of any knowledge of the capital markets and the manner in which they function best.

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Dr Mike said...

To Terry Corcoran accountability means absolutely nothing--if it did , he would have asked Jim Flaherty to release the hidden information that was used to reconcile the TFP from the gov`t perspective.

If Jim had refused as he has done with investors , the "Cork" should have asked for his head instead of asking for the vaporization of CAITI`s Brent Fullard.

In essence , Terry has nothing to give other than a bunch of bloated rhetoric which says absolutely nothing.

And this guy is supposed to be some sort of financial guru.

Maybe in his own mind.

Dr Mike Popovich