Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ignatieff has no moral compass? Harper has no proof of tax leakage

Ignatieff has 'no moral compass,' PM says

Harper lashes out at Liberal Leader for wading in to controversy surrounding Conservative treatment of Mulroney

Globe and Mail Update

April 8, 2009 at 2:23 PM EDT

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper has accused Michael Ignatieff of abandoning his moral compass after the Liberal Leader praised Brian Mulroney recently for his accomplishments as a former prime minister.

Speaking in Moncton, the Prime Minister shrugged off questions about internal Conservative bickering over the treatment of Mr. Mulroney, after Conservative officials informed reporters last week the former prime minister was no longer a card-carrying member of the Conservative Party. But he had strong words for Mr. Ignatieff, who said the Tories should be treating Mr. Mulroney with greater respect.

“Mr. Ignatieff and the Liberal Party, when this matter first broke, were practically demanding that I throw Mr. Mulroney in prison without a trial,” Mr. Harper said.

“Now they're out there pretending that somehow they're his best friends and they don't agree with any of this. I think what Canadians will see is when it comes to a very difficult issue of government conduct and government ethics, this government has behaved responsibly and the other party, the other leader, has absolutely no moral compass.”

Asked whether discipline within his caucus was breaking down, Mr. Harper said the government had a difficult issue to handle and noted that Mr. Mulroney himself called for the current inquiry into his dealings with former German businessman Karlheinz Schreiber.

“That inquiry is now being conducted,” he said. “The government is conducting itself in a way that, if we get any kind of recommendations from that inquiry, we will be in position to objectively implement those recommendations. This is not an easy matter.”

Tory caucus members battled behind closed doors at their regular caucus meeting last week, with a number expressing concern that senior Tories were leaking information that the former prime minister was not a card-carrying party member. Mr. Mulroney has said through spokespersons that he remains a member and that he “deeply appreciated” recent birthday greetings from Mr. Ignatieff and Liberal MP Bob Rae.


Ted said...

Harper is such a slimeball.

Ignatieff has no moral compass because he thinks Mulroney accomplished some good things and is willing to say so even though he's in another party?

Kephalos said...

Moral compass? What's that?

Well... I don't know but I bring help. There is a self-admin quiz that one can use to decide if your headbone is connected to your heartbone.


Take the test... but don't take it for yourself.

Take the test for Stephen J. Harper.

Find out if, in your opinion, Stephen J. Harper has a moral compass?

Let us know what you find out, eh?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kef! I took the test for Steve.

Wouldn't you know. He scroes below the line and to the far right.

Taxtbook says "We've called this quadrant the New Progressives because it is the logical extension of economic rationalism removing the need to lead a double life - i.e. its ok to pursue self-interest economically, plus it is ok to pursue self-interest personally. In other words, the point of reference for our morality should be our needs first. This moral philosophy is articulated in Ayn Rand's book, The Virtue of Selfishness. Although Rand's work is often controversial and can be polarizing it, nevertheless, raises some very important issues in a daring and thought-provoking way. Many people agree with her and maybe she was one of the first to notice an evolution in our notion of morality."

Anonymous said...

Talk about the pot calling the kettle! It's just laughable, I don't know how he can deliver this crap with a straight face.


CAITI said...

.....then followed by a round of dutiful applause from a roomful of moron CONs

CAITI said...

And---I am sure that you have observed that the self-appointed arbiter of Canadian morality continues to deny the legal passport possession to certain Canadians, who wish to return to their country. In doing so, he makes a mockery of Pres. Obama's recent statement that "we are not at war with Islam"------ all of this I have no doubt, to reassure his Christian right-wing friends south of the border of his loyalty to their values.  Added to this, he has contradicted and ignored Canadian tradition by refusing to intervene in the case of the convicted murderer on death row in the US---watches next I wonder?  A return to the "good old days" a death penalty in Canada??
Victoria BC