Tuesday, January 12, 2010

At the risk of insulting our troops. A question for our sniveling wimp Prime Minister

At the risk of insulting out troops, I would like Harper to prove to ALL Canadians he isn't lying to them about tax leakage.

At the risk of insulting our troops, I would like Harper to explaining why he is using blacked out documents to hide the government's tax leakage analysis.

At the risk of insulting our troops, I would like Harper to explain why he demanded those blacked out pages be returned pronto to him.

At the risk of insulting our troops, I wonder whether Harper’s fondness for them derives from them having to take orders, whereas we do not (so far at least).

At the risk of insulting our troops, do you think they are putting their lives on the lines so Harper can foster his lies about things like tax leakage?

So Harper can inflict $35 billion losses on taxpaying Canadians, many of them vulnerable seniors?

So pensions funds can own income trusts and not pay Harper’s 31.5% tax yet the troops themselves are required to pay that tax in their RRSPs?

So state owned Abu Dhabi can own Prime West Energy without paying taxes in Canada, whereas the troops themselves or their children and parents and grandparents can not avoid Harper’s 31.5% tax, ditto all the other foreign takeovers of trusts?

Why is Harper constantly invoking his supposed great love of the troops, (greater than ours?) every time he gets himself in hot water?

Speaking of our troops why did that thug at the National Post, Terry Corcoran, invoke the troops in his attempt to malign me in public in 2006 when he wrote:

"Before our seniors rush off with the thought that the income trust issue is a call to re-fight the Second World War, they should know that Fullard is employed by the Canadian Association of the 50 Plus (CARP)."

Well, I have some news for thugs like Terry Corcoran and the rest of Canada’s lane sycophant news media, not only is that statement above false about me working for CARP, but we have no intention of re-fighting the Second World War.

It was already fought, AND WON, by people like my father who served in that war from is very beginning 1939 to the very end, and for which he awarded the MBE.

And why? So Harper could lie to seniors and raid their nest eggs based on lies? I don’t think so.

So Harper could use blacked out documents as proof of tax leakage? I don’t think so.

So the “fairness” they fought for could be defined by policies that are anything but on so many levels as to be an insult to the word fairness itself? I don’t think so.

People like my father put his life on the line to make this country free and democratic and so that it would not subjected to the rule of tyranny.

Only tyrannies prove tax leakage with blacked out documents or demand their return.

I suggest you show Canadians an infinitesimal amount of that kind of courage yourself, and put your life on the line for once. Your pathetic political life on the line.

Return our volley for proof of tax leakage with something more than blank shells, like blacked out documents and heavy handed thug journalists doing your front line fighting for you.

As professionally paid journalists, they may have no interest in knowing the truth, however they don't set our standards, we do.

Prove the case or drop the tax. Where’s your proof of tax leakage? Show us you knew what you were doing when you panicked back in October 2006, and that you are that “trained economist” that you profess to be.

Prove to ALL Canadians your pet theory that income trusts cause tax leakage. After all you claimed that this issue involved National Security, in some perverse convoluted way that only you could come up. Much like your totally perverse and nonsense argument that income trusts cause tax leakage.

Be a man and not some sniveling wimp. Prove the case or drop the tax. Our very troops are the ones whose commitment to Canadians and the protection of our democratic freedoms, like knowing whether you are simply lying, DEMANDS IT.


Dr Mike said...

Harper is out there doing interviews as if he were a Canadian icon like our man Don Cherry.

Now Don is a guy with a true patriotism & a guy with a true love for our troops.

Harper uses the troops as a shield to protect him from any questions to his power that might arise.

Maybe we should have "Grapes" run for PM--at least with him , what you see is what you get.

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

Word has it that Grapes and Rex are both going to the Senate.