Friday, January 15, 2010

"Let us replace accountability with corruption" (direct quote)

you say either and i say either
you say neither and i say neither
either, either, neither, neither
let's call the whole thing off

you say tomato. I say tomato.
you say accountability. i say corruption.
you eat potato and i eat potato
accountability, corruption, potato, potato
let's call the whole thing off

so, if you wear pajamas and i wear pajamas
i'll wear pajamas and give up pajamas
for we know we need eachother so we
better call the calling off, off
oh, let's call the whole thing off

1 comment:

Dr Mike said...

My man Mr Barky used to say neat stuff like that when he was a big cheese-head in Mike the Knife`s gov`t here in Ontario.

He is one dog whose bite is as nasty as his bark.

No car on University Ave was ever safe.

Dr Mike