Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spot the ambulance chaser: Flaherty or Manulife

It took me three years to the day to figure this out. No wonder that Flaherty so identifies with the wishes and wants of Manulife and their insurance company ilk, for the simple fact that they are two peas from the same pod. That ambulance chaser pod.

That thought occurred to me in response to this email I just received

On 1/14/10 3:01 PM, XXXX wrote:

Marshall Savings Plan? That's genius!!! That's why we need common sense investment bankers and jail investment bankers who come up with [Manulife’s] Income plus!

To which I responded:

Come to think of it that’s all these lifecos are anyway, ambulance chasers of their own kind....chasing after retiree’s savings to extract a fee stream from.

Who do you think is behind the rabid attack in the US against universal health coverage if not the insurance companies?

Meanwhile here in Canada the life insurance companies are able to dupe the NDP into policies that screw people out of $35 billion of their life savings and the NDP don’t even know they are being gamed eight ways from Sunday.

The nerve of Jack Layton to go down to the US and preach about Canada’s universal health care system. If Jack Layton had been born in rural Saskatchewan instead of Tommy Douglas we would NEVER had seen a universal health system in Canada. It would have been STILL BORN with Jack Layton at the helm.

He doesn’t even know or care when Canadians are being drilled reamed and bored by the life insurance lobby in Canada, for the simple fact that he has a gold plated pension and has no understanding of when he is being lied to about things like tax leakage......since he never lifted a finger to ask for the proof.

I think the k in Jack stand for K Street Lobbyist, since there is no equivalent term here in Canada for the powerful lobbyists who control this country’s agenda and Canadians’ access to information. Some democracy? Some NDP?


Dr Mike said...

For Jack , the boosting of pension plans was everything.

When he heard that Flaherty was willing to give these funds a tax break he was all over it like fleas on a stray dog.

The little guy without the plan meant nothing.

Well done jack--thanks for nothing.

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

Hmm why am I reminded of my standard speech for Insurance co. telemarketer's? It goes something like this

"I consider insurance to be a serious form of gambling.

In order to profit from your products, it involves me dropping dead, or having a very serious misfortune, under very specific circumstances.
You people have no problem taking fees, but incapable of delivering the promised service when it comes time to collect during an emergency.
I may as well just burn what I would be paying your company in a monthly fee. In both scenarios I will never get it back.
In order for me to actually profit from your company, I am way better off becoming a shareholder. You people seem to have excellent skills coning members of the general public into buying lots of stupid products they don't actually need. Becoming a shareholder is a much safer bet, for getting any of my money back. The share price can go up and down, but I will still get my dividends. If I need money, I have the shares to sell.
For now, I will stick with my emergency savings accounts. If that becomes drained, these days, I have no issue becoming the financial burden of the federal, provincial and municipal governments.
Thanks for the inspiration when it comes to finances. Have a nice day and I wish you the very best. If you continue with this job by scamming people, for where you will be going, you are going to need it."

I haven't had an insurance call on my phone since 2007.