Wednesday, January 27, 2010

CBC's Question Period


The gentleman whose asked the question last night on CBC’s The National is someone I met during the 2008 election when I ran against Flaherty, This individual said the he was going to vote for me in the 2008 Election. Based on the man’s sincerity I have no doubt that he did. His name is Eamon. He and his wife came to visit with me in my campaign office during the 2008 election. They were long-time NDP supporters, but said they would switch their vote to me, as my advocacy on the income trust matter showed that I was committed to the issue that mattered most to them, that being protecting pensions and retirement savings. They put a large sign on their lawn in support of my candidacy as did over 800 other people who saw me as more than a one issue candidate, but even those who saw me as one issue candidate knew that to be a virtue, as it was one issue more than Flaherty stood for, if you exclude the $30 million of taxpayers money that he threw at his wife’s school in a feigned attempt to show he did something for the people of Whitby-Oshawa, when all he cares about is lining his own pocket, with one bespoke tax policy or another, aimed at his own family circumstances (ie his bespoke Registered Disability Savings Plan) or for narrow corporate interests like the income trust tax for Manulife.

Posting a question on the CBC’s “Question Period” is proving a waste of time.The CBC has no intention of asking questions on popular but difficult questions, regardless of the number of votes.
Last night Peter Mansbridge asked a really difficult question on protection of Nortel and other corporate pension plans, that are in trouble. I mean who-the-hell has a pension in plan in trouble or not. -- Sean


Dr Mike said...

I guess questions about income trusts only occupied all of the top 20 spots in viewer popularity , so why use them.

I guess when your pay is controlled by the boys in the PMO , you ask the questions thy deem fitting & not those of the taxpayer who took the time to ask & who took the time to vote.

Sean , it sucks to be us.

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

Bingo Dr. Mike! CBC is also more reliant than ever on corporate sponsors and advertisers like Raymond James.

Here is an idea ... Why not try Radio Canada?

Do French Canadians know about the Marshall Savings Plan? What do they think?

It was very encouraging to read some comments in French from Quebecers on this issue in the top 200. Often they have a way of getting results from government.

Si il y a quel qu'un qui peut aider par poser des question concernant les "Trust Units" dans le media a Quebec, il y a beaucoup qui vous re-merci. Nous avons besoin des belles voix, Quebecois, maintenant.

Anonymous said...

Right on. You guys are unstoppable!