Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Will wonders never cease: Corcoran’s actually calling for facts? LOL

I had to laugh out load when someone pointed out this article of Terry Corcoran’s in today’s Financial Post. The hypocrisy of this is too rich to let pass by without the appropriate ridicule that it so richly deserves, in which Corcoran concludes an article on pension reform by writing:

“Maybe with facts to work with, needed pension reform could more usefully proceed.”

What a joke, Facts? Corcoran has no interest in facts except as a smoke screen. Is this the same Terry Corcoran who maligned me left, right and center at every opportunity that he could including making up all sorts of libelous comments about me working for CARP or me funding CAITI on my “own dime” and calling for me to be vaporized for whatever reason and on any occasion for the simple fact that I have been relentless in pursuit of the truth and gaining access to the very FACTS that have been missing since that fateful day that Flaherty and Harper told Canadians their lie of tax leakage with NOTHING in the way of evidence or facts to justify an action that destroyed $35 billion of Canadians retirement savings.

Facts? Terry Corcoran has NO interest in the FACTS, Puhlease! If Corcoran had any interest in facts he would not have fought such an aggressive full frontal campaign to malign and slander those of us who sought the truth about Harper’s lies about tax leakage. Corcoran’s little lap dog at the Financial Post, Johnny Chevreau even went to the absurd length of writing an article entitled “Earth to Income Trusts investors: Don’t blame Ottawa for your investing blunders” that was totally devoted to blaming the victim and absolving Harper of blame.

Yeah, blaming the victim, with no proof of tax leakage. That’s the kind of interest that this Terry Corcoran thug has in knowing the facts.

The sole purpose of this sudden interest in calling for more facts is for Corcoran to find some “plausible” justification for kicking this pension issue down the road. Corcoran has no genuine interest in having the facts. Just who does he think he is fooling? ROFLMAO Thugs have no interest in facts.


Anonymous said...

Seems the NDP are concerned about pension issues. Didn,t stop them from raiding seniors hard earned savings in income trusts to the tune of $35 billion dollars and handing it over to the 25% of Canadians who have pensions. The NDP expropriated $35 billion dollars from the 75% of Canadians who have no pensions and handed it over to their union and pension plan supporters.

Maybe Jack Laytons new logo should be :- From the kitchen table to the gold plated table.

On behalf of the 75% of Canadians with no pension- THANKS JACK !


Anonymous said...

The CAPP Facebook group's amount of supporters now greater then the National Post's circulation.

The CAPP group's amount of supporters now greater then the National Post's circulation.
Posted by Scott Tribe on January 12, 2010, at 5:10 pm |

The numbers are give or take of course, but the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament Facebook group now as of this writing is at 171 084 supporters. The National Post’s national circulation is estimated to be at around 170 000 – the same National Post whose editorial page and op-ed writers scorned the group as being any indication of a grassroots movement a week and a bit ago. (A better indicator of things is that Stephen Taylor, Blogging Tory headman, and anti-coalition Facebook organizer from 2008 – has recently gone on the offensive in the NP’s full comment page against the Liberals stance and past usage of prorogation. That’s an indicator to me he’s now taking this issue and indirectly the grassroots strength of this group a lot more seriously and as a threat to the Conservative government, even if he still wont openly admit it’s a legitimate sign of grassroots protest).

On another note, the national Post’s Facebook page stands at around 700, last I looked. Take from that what you will.

Anonymous said...

I see that... wouldn't it be nice to buy Corky's desk at the NP auction? It might just have his personal set of blinders in a drawer...


Anonymous said...

What a Doofus! I guess he has to fill his wee space with some crap or another...before the Post sputters out of existence.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Corky is starting to worry about pension since his employer has gone broke.

When it's someone else who suffering it's easy for the hacks at the National Post (Dianne Francis excepted) to spew what ever garbage they want to.

Now that Corky sees the end of his road .. who knows maybe he will see the light.


Dr Mike said...

One last gasp from a dinosaur.

Goodbye Terry--may your retirement be as lucrative as mine has been since Halloween 2006.

Based on the possibility of you watching over a tits-up pension with their non-exestent monthly cheques , I bet income trusts may not look so bad after all.

Dr Mike Popovich