Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who said Diane Francis isn't Canada's best business reporter?

Just imagine a bankrupt paper built around somebody like an Eric Reguly? It would be in perpetual Chapter 11. Eric’s idea of “good journalism” is to call for people who seek the truth from their government about hard constructs like (phony) tax leakage to be encased in concrete and thrown into Lake Ontario ( a direct quote) and for good measure he then ends that piece of journalistic diatribe by advising his readers that we (seekers of the real hard truth) should “not be listened to”. What’s next? Book burning at the Globe and Mail?

Meanwhile WHEN is the CBC going to delve into Harper’s patent lies about tax leakage that reporter Catherine Kovacs was precluded from airing? Is Diane Francis the only reporter with brains and balls in this country?

Francis to buy The Post?

Diane Francis, a former reporter at The Mississauga News who is now a well-known business journalist and media executive, has joined a consortium interested in bidding for three CanWest LP newspapers.

Francis is Editor at Large at The National Post, one of 11 newspapers CanWest has put up for sale.

She would become vice-chair of the management committee if the consortium succeeds in its bid to buyThe Post, The Ottawa Citizen and The Montreal Gazette.

The consortium is led by former Senator Jerry Grafstein, former Global TV executive Raymond Heard and Montreal editor Beryl Wajsman.

"Diane was our choice to join the team. Her record in print and electronic journalism is deep. If any person understands business and the promise and challenge of the new media, she is that person," the trio said in a statement late yesterday.

A columnist and blogger, Francis has worked at many major Canadian news publications, including The Toronto Star and Maclean's and Canadian Business magazines. She studied journalism at Sheridan College while a Mississauga resident and later worked for The Brampton Times and Mississauga News.

"I love The Post and I love newspapers," Francis said in a statement. "They have a terrific future if they take full advantage of new technologies. Our group and others appreciate this. I am proud and challenged to join with experienced professionals who want to foster and grow Canada's media, which is an essential underpinning of our democracy and economy."

CanWest has said it would prefer to sell the whole chain as a group.


Bruce Benson said...

Diane Francis, you got to love her. A business reporter with smarts and down to earth good sense. What happened to all the other business reporters (clowns)? I know, their brains were bought and paid for by Canada's Controlling Corporate Elite and turned to mush. These new Zombies were then released upon an unsuspecting public to spread the lies of their new masters.

Dr Mike said...


Might just be a little tough for the Liberals to ignore her stand on income trusts now.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

"foster and grow Canada's media, which is an essential underpinning of our democracy and economy."

It's about time! Imagine a media that actually will report " THE FACTS "!

A WIN-WIN for the media who honours that commitment and a WIN-WIN for the populace.

Anonymous said...


This does look like some positive news!

Will E.