Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The moral responsibility attendant with the Marshall Plan's arrival


Which of our 308 Members of Parliament would argue that all is well within our nation?

Who can deny that plummeting tax revenue has increased deficits and magnified debt?

Who among you can deny the reality that foreign national oil companies are scooping up our resources on the cheap?

Which of you would trade your gilt-edged pension plan for the hard reality faced by the vast majority of retirees; with only their own savings to support them in an era of miniscule interest rates?

We face troubled times. The problems can't be solved overnight, but you have been given an opportunity to ameliorate these three issues. Adopt some variation on The Marshall Plan and get the healing started. Make minority government work

You hold in your hands the medicine needed to heal the patient. Will you use it, or set it aside and sit idly by while the patient sickens further and dies. You have a moral responsibility to do whatever you can to improve the health of your nation and its people.

You are not just curious bystanders, but the elected representatives of us all. You hold our authority. We have given you the power to do good. Further, we have given you a useful tool. How could you not use it to do good?

How morally bankrupt is the citizen who fails to seize the opportunity to help his nation and countrymen? How much worse the person in a position of power or authority?

Do what you were elected to do and start the healing.

William Barrowclough
Peterborough, Ontario


Anonymous said...

BRAVO William Barrowclough! Very, very eloquent.
Very succinct. Absolutely factual.

CAITI said...

The best line?

"You are not just curious bystanders, but the elected representatives of us all"

Brent Fullard

Dr Mike said...

A message to all MPs -- we hire you guys & we pay your way to look after our interests.

We were crucified by you guys even after you promised not to.

It`s time to set this right--forget about your corporate pals for a minute & take a look at the Marshall plan .

This may just be the framework on a road to recovery , not only for the small investor , but the country as a whole.

Dr Mike Popovich