Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Globe considers Flaherty "principled finance minister" Huh?

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Saying that Jim Flaherty is a "principled finance minister" because he is "willing to live with unpopular positions he believes in" is wrong on so many levels that it's hard to know where to start. It's like saying bank robbers should be forgiven because they needed the money.

Flaherty conspired with Harper to promote his lie about tax leakage as a reason to double tax income trusts and somehow that makes him "principled"? He has just run the largest deficit in Canadian history on the back of saying that "mistakes will be made" in spending this money. This is "principled"? He has pork barreled his way to popularity in his own riding, spending millions of Federal taxpayer's dollars on projects solely for the benefit of people in his riding. This is principled? He has unquestioningly followed Harper's direction in introducing some of the worst economic policy, such as cuts in GST, that will result in future income tax increases and take us back the financial instability we had 20 years ago. This makes him "principled"?

Jim Flaherty has told lie after lie at his boss's direction, he has no grip on economic reality (he said last fall that we would have no recession in Canada when in fact we were already in recession!) and knows about as much about finance of any kind as a 9th grader. He is, like his boss, the epitome of hubris. Only a media sycophant could suggest that he is "principled" it just has no basis in fact whatsoever.


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Dr Mike said...

Right on Neville!!

Any Dufus can be principled---it takes a special kind of dufus to be right.

Dr Mike

Bruce Benson said...

Neville should be interviewed by BNN so he can set them straight about the Finance Minister. BNN accepts every word that comes out of Flaherty's mouth as truth and has forgotten all the other lies previously told.

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