Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bernie Madoff must be a Conservative

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Comments **: My pension was hit for $60,000+ when the conservatives savaged income trusts back in October 2006 (?) Since then I have not bought income trusts nor voted for the Conservative party federally or provincially. The conservatives promised not to hit income trusts in the preceding election and it turns out they lied to us. Why would I ever trust them again? Bernie Madoff must be a Conservative. He stole from old folks too


Kephalos said...

Madoff is not a conservative for the simple reason that being a conservative in the USA does not buy whole lifelong fraud insurance.

You commit fraud in the USA and you go to jail.

If you're a Finance Minister in Canada, you get Parliamentary immunity even if you defraud "hard-working" Canadians of $35 billion.

Dr Mike said...

Bernie Madoff was held accountable , Jim Flaherty was not.

Bernie went to jail , Jim did not.

Should Bernie be in jail--yes.

Should Jim be in jail--yes.

Only in Canada , eh

Dr Mike