Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quote from Conservative Message to MPs and supporters

Source: Globe and Mail:

Quote: “Last year, when the global economy was in free fall, Bob Rae and the rest of the Ignatieff Liberals did not contribute one idea to Canada’s Economic Action Plan. They were focussed on forming a coalition government Canadians did not want.”

Rebuttal: The Liberals proposing the Marshall Plan would certainly blow that argument away? I have yet to encounter one person who has a problem with the Marshall Plan.


Anonymous said...

"...would not tip his hand on how he would eliminate the deficit."

Lottery tickets? Loose change from constituent office couch cushions?
Taxing seals? Damn, bet he wishes that they hadn't killed so many...

Must be a Marshall from the negative alternate universe...


Anonymous said...

Probably working on some new “gotcha tax for the Newfoundlanders.

Maybe an HST like Dalton here in Ontario....except in Nfld. it would be the Harpoon and Seal Tax