Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama advisor says voters are craving for fiscal discipline and transparency

Senior Obama Advisor Valerie Jarrett was just on CNN where she stated that in today’s economic climate, voters are craving for fiscal discipline and transparency. She went on to stress that voters are deserving as well as demanding of fiscal discipline and transparency. That said, where’s Flaherty’s proof of tax leakage? Where is the Opposition Party’s sense of craving on the part of Canadian taxpayers who pay their salaries on the matter of transparency about Flaherty’s fraud called tax leakage? Blatant patent lies like tax leakage don’t sit well with the public, especially when they are being hidden under a rock by those who are sent to Ottawa to “represent” them?.

Where is Canada’s Obama?” Who is going to step up play the role of Obama, the empirical President to Harper, the imperial Prime Minister? This is a cake walk! I could do it in my sleep. Let’s see some action SVP.

Since when is tax policy designed to keep inferior products like Manulife’s Income Plus afloat, at a cost to investors of $35 billion and a cost to all taxpayers of $7 billion in foregone tax revenue? Manulife almost became a “too big to fail” taxpayer bailout because they didn’t hedge the risks embedded in that inferior junk food investment product.

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Dr Mike said...

Too big to fail = Manulife

Too small minded to reverse a bad decision = Jim Flaherty.

Let`s hope I am wrong on both counts.

If Jim would just step-up & do what is right , I will be the first to thank him & shake his hand.

Dr Mike