Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is understanding tax leakage, like discovering the atomic bomb?


I thought you said that Deborah Yedlin lived in Calgary?

I guess good journalists don’t mix with oil & gas folks. The article is very simplistic and shallow, like she recently thought of these issues. However the article gave me an idea. It is clear that CBC is trying to block the questions in “Your Question Period”, however if real journalists became aware of the questions all hell could break loose. You have great media contacts so why don’t put them onto the CBC questions so we can get so awareness of the Tory Income Trust betrayal. -- Sean

Good line Sean!!!...good journalism doesn’t mix with oil and gas. This piece by Deborah Yedlin is an exercise in droning and dumbing-down. What a farce, you’d think understanding tax leakage was the equivalent task of splitting the atom or discovery DNA. Total Neanderthals.

Brent Fullard

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Dr Mike said...

Where`s Mike Duffy when we need him.

OOOOPS , sorry , he is already busy working for the Pm in his new capacity as Senator/Head ass-kisser to the chief.

Pass the lip balm.

Dr Mike