Friday, January 22, 2010

CTV skewered Dion, while CBC aided and abetted Harper in 2008 election

From: Brent Fullard
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 11:57:28 -0500
To: CBC Ombudsman , wstanbury , <>, , David/Lorraine Marshall , , Jean-Marie Lapointe , Kevin O'Leary <>
Cc: Amanda Pyle , Bob Campbell , Esther Enkin , Gino Apponi , Jennifer McGuire
Conversation: Complaint to the CBC


In response to your inquiry re: “could you tell me the name of the CBC French services reporter who, you wrote, spoke to you and subsequently interviewed Jean-Marie Lapointe during the 2008 federal election?

During the 2008 Election I ran as the Liberal Candidate against Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. I spoke to many reporters, so therefore I do not specifically recall the name of the person to whom I gave Jean Marie Lapointe's contact information to and who was seeking someone fluent in French (unlike me) who could tell this story and understood it as well as I, it's one of two people but not sure which one.

In any event, knowing the name of that reporter is incidental to what happened, since the cover-up about the Harper government's false "tax leakage" claims story went from being a CBC Radio expose to a CBC Television expose about the cover up about tax leakage, given the impact that the 18 pages of blacked out documents alleging to be proof of tax leakage would have on TV versus Radio. See documents attached.

I just spoke with Jean Marie on the phone and he provided me with the names the people who came to his home to film an interview with him and who were incredibly excited about revealing to all Canadians the real truth about tax leakage, namely that it is nothing more than a falsehood used by the Stephen Harper government justify a policy that saw 2.5 million Canadians lose $35 billion of their life savings amd lose an essential investment choice, that has lead to many other adverse policy outcomes.

See the piece by Professor William T Stanbury that WAS ALLOWED to be AIRED in the Hill Times newspaper DURING the 2008 election entitled:

Leadership? Here’s Ten Reasons Why the Tax on Income Trusts Was a Public Policy “Train Wreck”

Those CBC people were:

Reporter: Catherine Kovacs
Producer: Surname: Desjardins
Videographer: unknown

Should you wish to speak with retired bank manager Jean Marie yourself, his number is 450 xxx-xxxx, and he can tell you the number of times he was told by either Kovacs and/or Deajardins that this explosive piece was going to air on tonight's news by two incredibly keen and anxious employees of Canada's public broadcaster, about getting this expose story into the news for voters to cast their minds and by extension their ballots on, as is their professional responsibility as news gatherers to do.

Such airing NEVER took place. Please forward to myself and to jean Marie the video that Canadians were denied seeing produced by the CBC during the 2008 election and courier it to my address below

Evidently the CTV thought that airing some out-takes of Stephane Dion was more relevant to voters intentions and the ballots cast, than the CBC thought exposing the patent lies and falsehoods of the Stephen Harper about why he broke an solemn 2006 election promise of not raiding seniors nest eggs by taxing income trusts, only to do that very thing on the backs of a totally false premise of "tax leakage" was?

Brent Fullard

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From: Bob Campbell
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 11:13:59 -0500
Subject: Complaint to the CBC

Dear Mr. Fullard:
To help us investigate your recent complaint to the CBC's Ombudsman,
could you tell me
the name of the CBC French services reporter who, you wrote, spoke to
you and subsequently interviewed Jean-Marie
Lapointe during the 2008 federal election?
Bob Campbell
CBC News

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being bad, where does this conduct by the CBC rank in your mind?


Anonymous said...

great question:

Let me see, I have no public private pension to speak of, just good old fashion hard work
CBC caller.... she lost her home
Pension funds took my Teranet and Golftown
Halloween on 2006, while I was getting my son ready for trick oh treat , just to see the real witch was on TV
$35B in market mayhem and lies and hush everywhere from politico's ,media and yes ...Bay street .
My Mom and my barber uncle are....... pissed

AHHHHH....... let me see 10


Dr Mike said...

Joey , I am with you--a 10 for sure.

I am most disturbed at the CBC as they knew they had a lion by the tail & they let the lion consume them.

That was indeed a sad day for democracy as every last Canadian lost a little part of themselves.

Dr Mike Popovich