Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ever wonder why the Globe lies to Canadians about tax leakage?

This article (below) of today entitled why “Can You Trust Your Paper's Business Pages?” is a huge expose of the Globe’s mishandling and distorted handling of business news. The very thing that I have been fighting now for three years as the Globe lies to Canadians about Harper’s false premise for the income trust tax through various techniques at its disposal, and FAILS totally in reporting on the trusts tax’s litany of negative consequences.

That’s we have the CBC (in theory at least?). Why has the CBC not disclosed Harper’s lie to Canadians about tax leakage? Why has the CBC nor reported on the litany pf negative consequences of Harper’s trust tax, and the associated “welfare loss” it has caused ALL Canadians, but which can be STOPPED by the Marshall Plan? Why does the CBC allow itself to be scooped on this huge economic story by people like Diane Francis and her piece about the Marshall Plan in today’s Financial Post or by Greg Hebert of CFRA 580 radio in Ottawa via my interview of last Thursday? Why does the CBC refuse to pose the questions that is deluged with requests to ask, even on a show whose sole premise is “now it’s you turn to ask the politicians a question” and so far has evaded asking any of these tough and essential questions? See: HERE

Well, here’s your answer, as the CBC has merely made itself redundant by not acting like the public broadcaster it’s supposed to be:

Can You Trust Your Paper's Business Pages?
Too often, the section panders to a corporate audience. Canadians can't afford that bias.
By Nick Fillmore, Today, TheTyee.ca
January 18, 2010


Dr Mike said...

I used to laugh at the people they always called "conspiracy theorists"--I thought they were just a bunch of old hippies with too much time on their hands.

The would drone on & on about "the man" controlling everything from gov`ts to the media.

I used to say pffffffffffttttttt to them.

Having survived the trust debacle of 2006 , just barely, & having seen the media response in spite of the abundance of solid info to the contrary , I can now see what these folks were talking about.

It`s all about big business & controlling the message.

You just need the soapbox & a flowery saying or two & the prize is yours.

Not so much for us little guys who do our best & just try to get by.

We do what we can & then we hit the wall of the biased media & the big CEO compliant government.

No thanks to outfits like the Globe , that business based gov`t wall just gets higher & higher.

Dr Mike Popovich

penlan said...

"I used to laugh at the people they always called "conspiracy theorists"--I thought they were just a bunch of old hippies with too much time on their hands."

Dr. Mike,
Glad to see you acknowledging that us old hippies aren't so crazy after all. ;)

Dr Mike said...

Yes penlan , I remember those days well.

Kind of like my hair , gone but not forgotten.

Dr Mike

Fillibluster said...

When I met with the losers at the Toronto Star Editorial board back in April 2007 they tried that approach with me...scoffing about this explanation of mine about who was actually behind this tax scheme....saying that I was only spouting conspiracy theories. I turned around and made the very pointed comment of:

"NO it is you who are spouting conspiracy theories, namely YOUR CONSPIRACY THEORY ABOUT TAX LEAKAGE in your paper no less. Something which I KNOW to be FALSE and your only proof is what....18 PAGES OF BLACKED OUT DOCUMENTS, which if that didn't make you (as journalists?) suspicious, then how do you explain why those 18 pages were demanded returned by Flaherty?

Because of a typo?

Losers indeed. Total sycophant commercially conflicted loser.

Brent Fullard

Anonymous said...

Excellent link.

As a listener to one of their radio stations, I am very interested in why CBC won't discuss the Income Trust issue.

Raymond James is a huge advertising client for the CBC Jazz Station. Maybe Trust Unit investors need to know more about Raymond James and their stance on the Trust Unit issue?

Following this forum, I have never heard them mentioned. At this point I am very curious if that could be a possible factor for CBC's silence.