Thursday, January 21, 2010

Message from Ralph Goodale

Dear Mr Ahern:

Sorry for the delay. You may be assured that my colleagues and I in the
Liberal Caucus continue to share the sense of hurt and outrage felt by some
two million Canadians about their bitter betrayal at the hands of Stephen

We have staunchly opposed the government on this issue at every turn. Our
finance team produced an initial alternative trusts policy more than three
years ago. Other methods to correct the egregious Conservative wrong-doing
have been proposed more recently by others in the private sector.

We are examining the details of all these possible approaches as we prepare
our Liberal economic plan for the future. You can be assured that Mr.
Harper's trust fiasco has not been forgotten or overlooked.

Hon. Ralph Goodale, MP
Liberal Opposition House Leader

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Dr Mike said...

It appears the Liberals are looking at the Marshall Plan.

Hmmm--what if the Conservatives beat them to it.


Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

What , no hugs & kisses for Brent?


Fillibluster said...


I must be “private sector”?

Fillibluster said...

Dr. Mike:

Nothing like watching a horse race unfold. Wonder who will win. The snake or the turtle? What is Layton going to do? Ha Ha ha

Daniel Miller said...

Mr. Fullard:

What type of life do you have with 10 blog posts a day? Do you work? Shouldn't you be following the market? Or are you doing this as work by paying yourself ridiculous amounts of money from the money CATI has raised from hard working investors like Dr. Mike.

Please anser these questions like you demand that of others.

Anonymous said...

Easy there on Jackie boy, he only worries about pensions for union folks, the rest of us don't count.

The facts guy said...

Conservative Jim Flaherty
30,704 votes 51.0% +7.1% from last election.

Liberal Brent Fullard 15,460 votes 25.7% -13.1% from last election

Anonymous said...

Facts guy - do you have ADD? The topic is income trusts, not elections.


Fillibluster said...


What would you consider to be ridiculous sums of money?

4,000 hours of unpaid volunteer hours?

Notice that 18 pages of blacked out documents were not used in answering your question, as such there will be no need for me to subsequently demand their return.

BTW: When and why did you show up on this blog? Who are you employed by and what are you paid? What is your vested interest in this matter and why do you malign people who simply seek the truth, so that policies can be based on truths and not lies.

Buzz off jerk.

Brent Fullard

Dr Mike said...

Daniel Miller

You need to stop pissing-off trust investors.

Guys like you just steady our resolve to expose the truth & tear wide-open the cover-up behind the claims of tax leakage.

If this was ever brought out into the light of day , the Cons would never get elected dog catcher let alone the governing party.

Daniel please prove us wrong as our proof is out there for everyone to see.

Dr Mike Popovich
Rodney Ont

Daniel Miller said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Fillibluster said...

Daniel Smith's comment deleted due to gratuitous use of profanity

Dr Mike said...


The guy is a wacko & obviously a low life.

Good bye Daniel.

Dr Mike

Daniel Miller said...

I didn't use profanity. I hurt the reputation of Mr. Fullard and he deleted the comment.

He blacked out my comments and will probably continue to do so.

Fillibluster said...

Nice try Daniel: 888's added by me

Daniel Miller has left a new comment on your post "Message from Ralph Goodale ":

I am not going to entertain your conspriracy theories about blacked out documents and black helicopters. It just feeds into your warped sense of conspiracy which it appears that Dr Mike thinks I have something to do with. You guys are nuts, but it appears that you are the only ones who don't know it.

I am self-employed and make around 75K (85K in a good year). I am tired of reading your lies on LIBLOGS. Not everyone has vested interests, but a part of your problem is that because you do, you think everyone else does.

You are a fuck888 kook and it's about time someone call you out on it.

Posted by Daniel Miller to C A I T I - O N L I N E at January 21, 2010 3:45 PM

Daniel Miller said...

Not only is Mr. Fullard blackening out my comments, he is now also editing them for his own purposes.

Dr Mike said...


Get lost--nobody cares.

Dr Mike

Daniel Miller said...

Much like no one cares about income trusts?

Fillibluster said...

Gee Daniel, I was certain that you were enough of a low life that you would have accused me of falsely adding that profanity of yours?

I guess that means you aren't quite the low life that you potentially could have been, but you sure are a liar, having said:

"I didn't use profanity"

So what is this:

"You are a fuck888 kook and it's about time someone call you out on it."

(Note: 888 added by me to censor your gratuitous profanity)

You'd be perfect in the Department of Finance.

Fillibluster said...

Not only is Mr. Fullard blackening out my comments, he is now also editing them for his own purposes.

I missed this comment of yours as it went into my junk mail, in which case I must correct the earlier comment that I made, where I was surprised that you didn't accuse me of altering your posting, thinking you were merely a liar, rather than the worse charge of bing a low life.

I stand corrected. You are a low life as well as a liar,

Daniel Miller said...

Thata boy Mr. Fullard! Show your anger because we all know what an angry person you really are!