Thursday, January 14, 2010

When will Don Martin release this book of Harper's little House of horrors?

Don Martin has this manual created by the Harper regime on how to render Parliament dysfunctional and when asked by me to release it, HE REFUSED!

He had the gall to say "Do your own research", to which I responded "Research? You did NO research yourself. Somebody merely handed it to you, and I don't suppose their intent in doing so, was so that you could hide Harper's dirty tricks manual from the public."

My request of Don Martin, arose just at the time that Harper had reneged on his fixed election promise, and called upon his buddy Michaelle Jean to call an election of Harper's personal convenience using the line that "Parliament is dysfunctional".

Well yeah, and that's because you wrote the book on it.....literally. The one that Don Martin is actively suppressing and not sharing with the public.

Unabel to see the bigger picture, and being the petty person that he is, Don Martin dedicated an ENTIRE column to slamming me! Just another thug in the media like his colleague Terry Corcoran who called for me to be "vaporized". These guys must thinl childish tactics like that will dissuade me from pursuing the truth.

Meanwhile where is Harper's Dirty Tricks Manual Don Martin? I am sure it would be a best seller in today world post-Prorogue 2.0

Harper government whips Tories into line with secret handbook
It's the secret guidebook for Conservative MPs on how to unleash chaos while chairing parliamentary committees.
By The Calgary Herald
May 18, 2007
Don Martin

It's the secret guidebook for Conservative MPs on how to unleash chaos while chairing parliamentary committees.

Running some 200 pages, including background material, the document given only to Conservative chairmen tells them how to favour government agendas, select party-friendly witnesses, coach favourable testimony, set in motion debate-obstructing delays and, if necessary, storm out of meetings to grind business to a halt.

The binder fell into my hands on Thursday evening, two days after the government whip Jay Hill called the chairs to his office for a refresher course on advancing the government agenda over opposition objections.

A source at that meeting confided that Hill "lavished praise on the chairs who caused disruptions and admonished those who prefer to lead through consensus" -- an interpretation the whip strongly denies.

But the document does illustrate a government preference for manipulative tactics over collective, all-party compromise and proves that the chairs are under intense supervision.

Its tactics also fly in the face of Thursday's complaint by Prime Minister Stephen Harper that opposition parties are responsible for the committee paralysis now seizing Parliament Hill as the summer recess approaches.

It paints in vivid detail what Conservative chairs should say when confronted by challenges to their authority, how to rule opposition MPs out of order during procedural wrangling and how government MPs should debate at committee when a hostile motion is put to a vote. The manual even offers up speeches for a chair under

attack and suggests they have been whipped into partisan instruments of policy control and agents of the Prime Minister's Office.

Among the more startling heavy-handed recommendations in the document:

n That the Conservative party helps pick committee witnesses. The chair "should ensure that witnesses suggested by the Conservative Party of Canada are favourable to the government and ministry," it says.

n The chairs should also seek to "include witnesses from Conservative ridings" and make sure the local MP replaces a member at the committee when a constituent appears.

n The chairs should "meet with witnesses so as to review testimony and assist in question preparation."


Geoffrey Laxton said...

Don Martin's ticket to the Senate?

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing Don Martin on Politics with Don Newman a number of weeks/months? after he wrote this story. James Travers brought up the "manual" and Don looked down at table, cheeks got a little red, and sheepishly said that the "manual" was actually 170 pages copied directly out of committee rules and a 30 page power point presentation.

Dr Mike said...

It`s just too bad Jim Travers did not nail his ass to the wall on that one.

If this book would have made the 6 o`clock news , then Harper would now be out there peddling his "Trained economist" title in the real word.

Toooooooo bad.

Dr Mike Popovich