Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CBC’s pretense of soliciting questions from Canadians for Stephen Harper

The CBC is engaged in what can only be considered a pretense of asking Canadians to pose questions of their own to Stephen Harper, for the purpose of then simply not asking them.

This is unfair, not only to Canadians who submitted the questions as well as those who voted for them, but is especially unfair to the CBC’s vast listening audience, who would naturally assume that the process employed was actually the process that the CBC is ostensibly conducted. Furthermore, viewers will falsely imbue these questions with significance that they are NOT deserving of, as they came from the CBC and NOT from Canadians.

This process of soliciting questions from Canadians is also a pretense on the part of the CBC in that it is using the public airwaves to contribute to an increased participatory democracy, but it is anything but. So far, its nothing but a sham, similar to the recent game the Liberals played with their onProbation.ca exercise, in which Canadians were asked to surrender their personal email addresses for an exercise called “Ask the PM a question”, wherein none of those questions were EVER asked of the PM.

As far as the CBC is concerned, I can provide hard evidence that their process is not working as advertised, unless of course you think the following question is derived in any way from the viewers questions that were submitted and actually preferred by viewers, as opposed to the CBC.

Here is that question: “What will government do to protect the employees, pensioners and disabled workers who may be left without protection?”

This question has NOTHING whatsoever to do with income trusts or the revealing Harper’s patent lies to Canadians about tax leakage, whereas the questions submitted and voted on by viewers did. But none of those questions were allowed to be in contention. In fact, 8 of the top 10 questions submitted by viewers, suppressed by the CBC, dealt with income trusts and Harper’s tax leakage lie, as follows:


There is no correlation between the questions viewers submitted and the one that the CBC is asking Harper, so how can the CBC hold this question or the selection process that gave rise to it, as coming from Canadians? More like coming exclusively from those who work for the CBC? Therefore, the CBC must be held to account to deliver an honest product in keeping with their original promise. Fortunately, a second chance presents itself for the CBC to prove its independence, for all Canadians to witness online, and see what question arise for Stephen Harper, from these submissions submitted by viewers:


This exercise by the CBC reminds me in many respects of proroguing. Perhaps it is becoming contagious, or maybe I am thinking of that other disease, known as job black mail.

In any event, let’s see how this sham exercise in participatory democracy unfolds. I am sure the CBC has many other ways to ignore our question and thereby their duty as an independent public broadcaster, by concealing the truth about Harper tax leakage lies. However, the choice that now faces the CBC is whether they will chose to abdicate their responsibility to Canadian taxpayers-at-large who provide them with $1 billion in annual subsidies, by AGAIN not asking Canadians’ REAL questions.

This exercsie will be very telling of whether taxpayers should be funding a quasi-public broadcaster whose actions of concealment on this matter, may prove the CBC to be REDUNDANT, when compared all the other commercially biased news sources out there, which have their own commercial vested interest in ensuring the TRUTH behind this cover-up NEVER gets told to Canadians, in sufficient time to do something meaningful about it.

Conclusion: The time is NOW. Stop your endless ongoing suppression of Stephen Harper’s tax leakage lie and his unjustified expropriation of $35 billion of Canadians’ life savings. This story is demanding of a Fifth Estate type exposé, and nothing less. This exposé can be initiated by posing the following question to Stephen Harper:

“Many reputable firms such as HLB Decision Economics, RBC Capital Markets, BMO Capital Markets and others are saying that income trusts do not cause tax leakage, and yet that was your main, if not sol justification for reversing your 2006 election campiagn promise to NEVER raid seniors nest eggs by taxing income trusts. Given your promise of transparency and accountability, where is your proof of tax leakage, apart from the 18 pages of blacked out documents that you gave to Canadians, that you subsequently recalled?”


Anonymous said...

Very nice . . . stay thirsty my friend!


Dr Mike said...

The sticky finger prints of the gov`t are all over this turkey.

I find this process very similar to consultation rounds held by Mr Flaherty when he does his so-called "consultations" with so-called "ordinary" Canadians.

His panels consist of the elite of the elite & the same old of the same old--CEOs , ThinkTank members & financial gurus like the Mintz-man.

Flaherty asks for suggestions & then makes certain decisions which affect us all.

Of course , there is no input from ordinary Canadians , the ones actually affected.

The same sideways fiddling is happening with these CBC questions--they ask the public for input but rely on an elite panel of so-called experts to tell us what we said.

I am beginning to think that the public means squat to any of these guys.

It is all smoke & mirrors to make us think we have input.

So much for that---"little people go away & quit bugging me" is their motto.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

What about going to the provincial securities regulator?

Fillibluster said...


Even if the provincial securities regulators had jurisdiction over this matter, which they don't. the chances that they would take on Jim Flaherty or Stephen Harper at the same time that he is attempting to force them to merge against their wishes, would mean that they would not pursue this matter on investors/taxpayers behalf.

No chance of that happening.

Brent Fullard

Anonymous said...

What more proof does a citizen need to see that our country has been corrupted. Absolutely incredible. Fear of our Federal Government and repercussions from exposing Harpers lies is the only explanation for this travesty. If the media like CBC and most Canadian journalists don,t have the fortitude or guts to question the direction Harper is taking this country then who has ? Public outrage is all that is left. We will see if Canadians want their country back!

Don Bool
Courtenay, B.C.

Anonymous said...

All we can do is to continue to do what we are doing; if the outcome is rigged by the CBC powers that be, then the game is over from that perspective.
This 'game' is far too large and insidious in it's grip by those who benefited from it's implementation, that much is clear.
As I have said before, the average Canuck cares not one whit about it as they parrot the CON line; IT's were a tax-avoidance scheme... it offends their sense of "somebody else is getting something for nothing" Why would they get outraged? If the LIe,Conceal, Fabricate billboards didn't shake them up in order to ask questions and become informed on the issue, then what will? Apathetic sheeple..


Anonymous said...

Since the media has special access to to the senate and the GG job, don't expect any real journalism.

In places like North Korea they shot journalists that don't agree with the government. Here we are far more civilized, we just buy them off.