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Four Years and Counting?

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Four Years and Counting? What inane and facile nonsense. Rather than touting Harper’s 4 years of Prorogation Not Fixed Date Election Government, ask Guy Lauzon how he is making out with the Marshall Plan suggestion you gave him and that was written about by Diane Frances “one week ago and counting”? Ask him whether he agrees or disagrees with Diane about the MSP and her view that it is “brilliant”? Ask him what his government is doing about the Halloween Mess they created over “three years ago and counting” and how much in tax revenue ($1 billion a year) from the 51 takeovers of trusts and what they are going to do to protect the other $6 billion in annual taxes that are at risk, if they continue to bury their heads in the sand and not adopt the Marshall Plan?

Come to think of it, ALL OF THE PARTIES, will own that moral hazard of “doing nothing” now that the “brilliant” Marshall Plan has presented itself. They will all be in the same moral hazard boat....Conservative, Liberal, NDP and the Bloc. No different than if they had all voted for this trust tax in the first place. Meanwhile we as taxpayers get stuck with that $7billion annual tax bill, and the 75% of us without pensions are saving for retirement on a completely unlevel and discriminatory investment playing field.

And this Guy guy is sending you lame propaganda emails entitled “Four years and counting”? Is that all he has time to do, now that Harper has prorogued the very Parliament he was ostensibly elected to preside over?

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Four Years and Counting

On January 23, 2006 the Canadian electorate voted for change. Canadian voters elected a minority Conservative government after 13 years of Liberal rule. At that time many political pundits suggested that this was a temporary set back for the Liberals and they would be back in power after a brief "time out".

The past 4 years and two elections have proven the pundits wrong. The Conservative government under the Leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper has increased it's number of seats held from 126 in 2006 to it's current 145, only 10 short of a majority government.

Canadians are gaining confidence in Prime Minister Harper's ability to govern the country.

Our country has experienced a myriad of challenges during the past four years. We have faced terrorist threats, floods, devastation to agricultural sectors, the crisis in Lebanon, the ongoing war in Afghanistan and the threat of a coalition government which would have given veto power over all legislation to the Bloc Quebecois. We are currently living through the most severe global recession in memory, a H1N1 pandemic, an ongoing unemployment challenge and most recently the crisis in Haiti. Never in recent history has a government in Canada faced so many serious challenges in such a short period of time.

We have managed to meet each of these challenges successfully. Our government has enacted legislation that Canadians have demanded for years. We have lowered personal income taxes, corporate taxes and reduced the G.S.T. from 7% to 5%. Tax Freedom Day is now 18 days sooner than it was when we took power. Our government has rebuilt our Canadian Forces giving them the equipment they need and the respect they deserve. We are seeing that investment paying off through the rapid deployment of aid to the people of Haiti. We have introduced laws that respect the rights of victims rather than those of criminals by making it easier to get dangerous criminals off the street and more difficult for sexual predators to target our children. We have given Canadians choice in child care through the Universal Child Care Benefit. We have also invested billions of dollars in upgrading our infrastructure.

Make no mistake, there is much left to do, but as your Member of Parliament, I am proud to say that Stormont Dundas and South Glengarry is a safer, stronger and better place to live than it was four years ago.

Guy Lauzon
MP for Stormont, Dundas, and South Glengarry

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