Tuesday, January 12, 2010

If McGwire can fess up about steroids, why can’t Harper fess up about tax leakage?

Turns out McGwire was lying, but man enough to finally admit he took steroids. Turns out the players were gaming their own system, gaming their own game as it were. Pumped up on steroids and corrupting their own sport in the process. Deluding their fans with unearned statistics. Why can’t Harper admit he was lying about his pumped up claims of tax leakage, and allowing others to steal bases while depriving us of options? What kind of a sport is it when the game is so rigged? A “level playing”, means one with no competition. Harper is totally corrupting our game with his false claims of tax leakage, while reporters do nothing to call out his lies, or the Liberals for that matter. They have become the McGwires of baseball. The inside baseball known as ripping off taxpayers and fostering Harper’s lies about tax leakage, while oblivious to the harm they are causing by corrupting our system of fairness and democracy. Canadian media are all on steroids, as they attempt to game our lives as Canadians on behalf of their team owners. Its a game without referees, as long as the Liberal do nothing, perhaps that’s how they like it.

If you want the truth, I guess you turn to the Sport Pages of the Globe but never the Report on Business, the aptly named ROB, sister publication to the Biased News Network. And for referees you turn to Facebook, rather than your Paid elected Members of Parliament, and certainly not Liberals, as I have attempted to do with Ralph Goodale and countless others whose idea of fair play is to wait forever and do nothing and allow Harper to pump lies to Canadians with impunity.

For this we pay their salaries and give them fat pensions? A game rigged in THEIR favour.

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Dr Mike said...

"Give somebody an inch and they'll take a mile."

This is something that you say which means that if you allow someone to behave badly at all, they will start to behave very badly.

Politicians love to take that first inch ---it just makes them more confident the next time out.

Flaherty tested his chops here in Ontario & that was just the warm-up for the big show.

I sure did hate that show.

Dr Mike Popovich