Sunday, January 31, 2010 much for the NDP!

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So much for the NDP being the party of the people & the defender of the little guy.

Millions of us small investors scrimped & saved over our working lives in order to have a good comfortable retirement.

We saved & we invested in order to look after ourselves & not be a burden to others.

We invested our savings in income trusts because we wanted good returns & we wanted control over the company that we were able to own ourselves.

Along comes Flaherty with the help of the NDP & kicks us in the groin telling us we were losers & idiots for having all of our eggs in one basket.

Well , we put our eggs in that particular basket because the PM in his trained economist wisdom told us to invest in income trusts.

We believed him so we did just what he told us.

Who would of thought that he may be lying.

The NDP became full partners in the lie
, bought & paid for by the pension plan trust tax carve-out.

The NDP has lost all credibility as defenders of the little guy as their fingerprints are all over the knife in our backs.

Dr. Mike Popovich

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