Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flaherty: How about a Registered Disability Savings Plan for the people you destroyed with your income trust tax negligence?

For anyone who is paying the slightest attention, Jim Flaherty is constantly coming up with tax policies that are perfectly aligned with his personal family circumstances. There are at least six such examples. One of which is the Registered Disability Savings Plan that Flaherty created two budgets ago, that allow for generous tax deferred savings for parents with disabled children, a worthwhile program that I truly doubt would ever have been advanced by Flaherty had he and his immediate family not been direct beneficiaries.

However the real test of whether Flaherty created the Registered Disability Savings Plan for reasons of general public and social concern and out of genuine passion or merely for self interests, will be determined by whether Flaherty embraces the Marshall Savings Plan as the elegant and “brilliant” means to clean up his income trust tax fiasco that is negligence, of the same dimension of incompetence and gross neglect as what caused the Walkerton water disaster. Although no known lives were lost from Flaherty’s income trust tax devastation of people’s savings, many lives were turned upside down, homes were lost and forfeited and people’s health and well being was destroyed in many, many cases. And to think, tax leakage is a complete lie? These people’s only mistake was that they believed Harper in the 2006 election when he promised in word and in writing and in Op Ed in the National Post, that he would never “raid seniors’ nest eggs”?

Well, raid he did. Here is but one of over 500 requests from Canadians across the country received in the last 36 hours who are pleading for the adoption in Budget 2010 of the Marshall Savings Plan as it benefits ALL Canadians taxpayers in the way that the Registered Disability Savings Plan does not, and yet it creates huge social and economic good on a scale that the Registered Disability Savings Plan can only hope to:

400) belleville Comments: I am 78yrs old and have been fighting throat cancer for 6yrs and survive on liquids. I do not have a pension and have a RRIF which was totally invested in energy trusts which I was advised to keep invested after the Harper Flaherty promise. My RIFF dropped about 80 thousand dollars and the cut the annual minimum payment in half. The result was that any enjoyment I hoped for was lost for ever.

We know that Flaherty doesn’t have a clue about what he is doing, or any regard for the concept of “duty of care” that is at the very underpinnings of a civilized society, but the real question facing us today by the presence on the scene of the Marshall Savings Plan is whether he has a compassionate bone any where to be found in his body? If so he would embrace the Marshall Savings Plan as if it were his own, and with the same passion and commitment he showed with handing himselff a tax break with his Registered Disability Savings Plan, except the Marshall Savings Plan is tax revenue positive to the tune of $6 billion a year!!!

Who knows, maybe one of Flaherty’s three sons will think its a good idea, as the Marshall Savings Plan would free them from the burden of shame they will have to live with as being the children whose father nuked $35 billion of Canadian’s life saving based on the patent lie called tax leakage. That will be Flaherty’s ever lasting legacy. Why burden your children with that?


Anonymous said...

Didn't he author the $500 deduction for private school fees in a simialr vein as well (if not when he was Federal MOF, then when he worked for Harris?


Fillibluster said...


Yessir! I was the beneficiary of that very measure, but said to myself at the time”What lunatic at Queen’s Park would come up with such an absurd measure as that?”.......then I learned about Jim Self Dealing Its not my fault Flaherty for the very first time. I didn’t see or hear of him again until he was appointed by Harper to be Finance Minister (instead of Monte Solberg who had been the Finance Critic and champion of income trust inestors). Upon seeing Flaherty for the first time, my immediate reaction was “this guy doesn’t look and act trustworthy to me”. Gee, I guess I was right. Bummer.

Brent Fullard

Daniel Miller said...

I love seeing Jim Flaherty's mug on your blog because it reminds me how badly he kicked your behind in the last election.

Dr Mike said...

Daniel Miller

I love to see Flaherty`s mug as well as that reminds me of how much he hurt myself & my family with the trust legislation.

His mug reinforces my resolve to remove him from office.

His mug reminds me of the fact that intolerant guys like you are supporters of the Con party making it even more necessary to kick them to the curb.

Stay well Daniel--remember , they will get you next.

Dr Mike Popovich
Rodney Ont

Anonymous said...

Bedside manner, Dr. Mike!

Anonymous said...

How about PDITB, Pension Destroyed due to Income Trust Betrayal.


Anonymous said...


How about a hot spear up Flaherty’s orifice of choice?


Dr Mike said...

Anonymous said...
Bedside manner, Dr. Mike!

January 27, 2010 11:33 AM

Lucky I am retired.

Dr Mike