Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kevin Page's Office

I just got off the phone with Sahir Khan, Director General, Revenue and Expenditure Analysis in the Office of the Parliamentary Budget Office. We spoke for about 20 minutes and Sahir said that both he and Kevin Page read my emails with great interest and are quite familiar with the Marshall Savings Plan at this point and its impact on Canada’s revenue in term of the $6 billion positive annual tax revenue impact that I described to Sahir as consisting of the tax revenue difference between adopting the Marshall Savings Plan versus the “do nothing scenario”.

Sahir also confirmed for me that Accrual Accounting is how the Budget Office conducts its affairs. By extension and by definition this would mean that leaving out the deferred taxes on the 38% of trusts would be incorrect although the beauty of the Marshall Savings Plan is that it obviates the need to come to a resolution about whether the correct methodology is being used by Jim Flaherty & Co. in concocting tax leakage (cask accounting) or not (accrual accounting).

That arcane discussion (for some at least, i.e. the financially illiterate) is rendered moot with the Marshall Plan.

I thanked Sahir and asked Sahir to pass on my thanks to Kevin Page in terms of all that they are doing to make Canada in to a fact based empirical democracy, as opposed to a dogma (ie tax leakage) based imperial realm of dictates.

I also brought to Sahir’s attention the Facebook group formed by Geoffrey Laxton the other day called Canadians in support of Kevin Page and transparent, open government. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=436984410256

Facebook Group.

Goodbye to the era of Harper's blacked out document regime.


Anonymous said...

Excellent: makes the issue a shut and close case . eom


Anonymous said...

Take a bow Brent

Barry Critchley

Fillibluster said...


Not finished quite yet. Wait for the second act!


Dr Mike said...

The second act should be a doozyyyyyyy.

Dr Mike

PS--once all the dust clears I might have to get a real job.

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Daniel Miller said...

Wow -- 152 people on Facebook support Kevin Page despite you plugging it every chance you get.

Why? Because no one cares about Kevin Page and no one cares about your income trust scheme.

You have annoyed so many people (Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, media) that I think ANY idea you come up with will get shot down just because it is backed by you!

Dr Mike said...

Daniel Miller

People should care about Kevin Page as he seems to be the only voice the people have in Ottawa.

I am sure he would not serve us 18 pages of blacked-out documents as the Conservatives did with us.

He also would not have recalled those same pages.

So Daniel , any idea what that was all about.

If you have any idea what was on those pages , please let us know.

Dr Mike