Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lessons from a bankrupt newspaper

Evidently the National Post is going bankrupt. True pity for those who will be out of work, and scorn for those who caused it, namely the grossly biased opinion types like Terry Corcoran, Johnathan Chrvreau et al.

In a remake of that Jonathan Chevreau classic, I think I will write a piece entitled: “Earth to Aspers: Don’t blame Ottawa for your bankruptcy blunders”, or as Johnny boy wrote: “Earth to Income Trust Investors: Don’t blame Ottawa for your investing blunders” as Jonathan reasoned that investors, not Harper, should be held responsible for Jim Flaherty and Mark Carney’s tax leakage lies. That same moronic “blame the victim” logic would have you believe that victims of rape should be blamed for being too promiscuous?


Sounds pretty much what you’d expect to read in a bankrupt newspaper......intellectually bankrupted that is.

On 1/13/10 8:40 AM, "Randy Meyer" wrote:

Subject: Re: EXTRA EXTRA, HARPER'S PROPAGANDA PUBLISHER IS INSOLVENT: Asper tries to stop fast sale of CanWest papers

I hear that Jack Mintz has looked after his old buddy Corky and found him a job (although he's under qualified but profs have pull) at the University of Calgary's newspaper - The Gauntlet ( )/

From here, Corky can still write nice articles about Jack and continue to try and brain wash young business students. The pay isn't so good but no doubt Corky has been following his buddy Jonathan Chevreau's advice and had diversified his portfolio enough that having a non-existent pension from CanWest won't be of concern to him. Lucky Corky to have such smart friends.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy that Rush Murphy & Co. are going down the shitter.

Very happy indeed!

Dr Mike said...

I should feel bad to lose such a Canadian icon.

So why don`t I??

Dr Mike

Rotterdam said...

If National Post dies, so be it.
That's what the free market is all about.
More papers will die as well, ie. the Liberal Toronto Star (check out the stock price graph over the last 5 years).
Next Harper should cut the CBC of its billion dollar a year subsidy, let it compete fairly with struggling Global and CTV.
If the CBC goes bankrupt, as it surly would, all the liberal elites rejoicing the death of the National Post will scream foul, and be proven the hypocrites that they are.

Fillibluster said...

Hey tjeerd bozo:

What's with people like you and your constant use of mindless labeling?

You speak of "liberal" and "conservative" as if you speak for us.

Please be advised that you DO NOT SPEAK FOR US, as yours is merely the mindless simplistic way in which you chose to divine the world around you, via labels.

Instead, we divine the world around us, as between truth and falsehoods.

That's why we malign reporters at the National Post like Terry Corcoran and Johnathan Chrvreau for having NO REGARD for the true, whereas we applaud greatly the work of Diane Francis and Barry Critchley of the same publication for the simple fact that they have GREAT REGARD for the truth.

Get it?

Simple fact for your simple mind.

Please be so advised.

Brent Fullard