Thursday, January 14, 2010

Income trust story breaks on Ottawa's CFRA 580 Talk Radio news

This interview is as entertaining as it is informative as I get into the truth about the income trust policy fiasco. Namely all the lies. Lies can only persist for so long in a democracy. It’s time the Liberals started doing some of the heavy lifting rather than me all alone. Not happy about that at all. What citizen representing 2.5 million ripped off investors would be? Meanwhile:

Lots and lots of juicy revelations on this show over the span of a full 15 minutes, meaning this story has broken like at no time before: Tax leakage lie, the pension fund tax arbitrage carve out creating gross inequities for RRSPs, multiple foreign takeovers creating real tax leakage where none existed before, Goodale approach to consult versus Flaherty’s approach to act by edict, who was enriched by this policy and the game being played by Flaherty at the behest of large life insurance companies.

This is a must listen show, especially given that it appeared on a CTV station, Ottawa’s CFRA 580 Talk Radio

Can be listened to here:

Thursday, January 14, 2010
Business @ Night - The Last Stand for Income Trusts? Parts 1 and 2

CFRA 580


Anonymous said...


A fantastic interview, Brent.

Now you're talking.

Good goin'. Bertooz

Anonymous said...

Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall !!!



Anonymous said...

Super Dee Duper!

I wonder how long the replay will be available... ?

Would you have Greg's email address? I'd like to congratulate him on his effort to expose the facts...


Fillibluster said...


Dr Mike said...

Brent`s best interview yet.

The point about the pension fund / small investor ownership discrepancy is the key as this is unexplainable by the gov`t without exposing their lie.

Flaherty says he cannot wait for tomorrow`s taxes from RRSPs but he can wait for tomorrows taxes from pension funds.

Well done JIm ---- "gotcha" .

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Loved your usage of the word RESCIND.

Keep going Dude!


Anonymous said...

Great job Brent.

Congratulations once again.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Fullard, fantastic job, great exposure and I like the way both you and Greg left a window open for the Government to rescind or change the decision.......

Best regards,