Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama states he is open to better ideas on health care?

Meanwhile here in Canada we have a pension crisis and a deficit crisis to deal with. In a timely response to both of those crises, grass roots Canadians have proposed to all responsible persons in Ottawa the “brilliant” Marshall Savings Plan that throws off $6 billion in much needed annual tax revenue AND solve the income trust fiasco that can be implemented NOW, in a way in which I am sure Obama wishes he had 60 Democratic senators and not 59?

This grass roots initiative has been wholeheartedly endorsed and enjoined by over 525 Canadians in the space of 48 hours from across the entire country and across all economic lines calling for all responsible persons in Ottawa to do everything they can to implement the Marshall Savings Plan into Budget 2010.

Please see those letters posted on the CAITI blog at

Grass roots Canadians who show such initiative and innovation need to be represented by their representatives to help one another in solving some of today’s more intractable problems. How many other win win solutions are out there to deal with Canada’s pension crisis and Canada’s deficit crisis?

I wonder, what Obama’s reaction to such a golden win-win opportunity would be?


Dr Mike said...

Hey , I wonder where we could get a majority of politicians that give 2 hoots about the Canadian on the street.

All you guys at Timmies need to get a clue as Uncle Steve could not care less about what you want other than your votes.

The Marshall Plan is offering you billions in future tax revenue to fund social programs.

If Flaherty & Harper gave a damn , they would not have handled this trust mess like they did in the first place & they would have done proper consultation.

But , I guess when you think the rest of the country is stupid , then why ask.

Dr Mike Popovich

Obama said...

Dear Mr. Fullard:

Please stop using my name to imply that I support your self-interested agenda.

Yours truly,
The President