Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Voice Mail for John McCallum

In view of the fact that the Liberals will be registering their opposition to Stephen Harper’s proroguing of Parliament, by attending to work in Ottawa on January 25, 2010 as a sign of protest, and in view of the fact that they will have more time on their hands than usual, I called John McCallum and left him a voice mail indicating that I would like to make productive use of their free time by coming to Ottawa in order to meet with the Liberal caucus.

The purpose of said meeting would be to acquaint all the members of the Liberal caucus with the full extent of the income trust issue so that rather than having only superficial knowledge of this issue like the vast majority of Canadians, they can acquire a more in-depth knowledge that would permit them to understand why the CBC’s “Ask the PM a Question” news segment is inundated with question pertaining to income trusts and Stephen Harper’s tax leakage.

Democracy is a continuum, and not a patch work quilt. We can’t have democracy working in some places but ignored in others. Democratic due process is no more or less important for the treatment we give Afghan detainees tha it is for the treatment that we giver seniors in this country, whose nest eggs were either raided fairly or unfairly as result of Stephen Harper and Jack Layton’s income trust.

I would be happy to meet with members of the NDP’s caucus or the Bloc at a place and time of their convenience during the period of Harper’s prorogation of Parliament.

Whether I hear back from John McCallum with a proposed time and date for such a proposed meeting will determine whether he and the Liberal Party share in this philosophy. My number is 647 505-2224

Brent Fullard
(Volunteer) President and CEO
Canadian Association of Income Trust Investors/Taxpayers


Bruce Benson said...

Brent if by some chance you get to visit with the caucus, don't forget your 2x4 and bring a strong man to wield it.

Dr Mike said...

Good one Brent!!!!

All of these political types have forgotten about the human factor in this whole mess.

People were destroyed both financially & mentally by the so-called Halloween scare.

No one cares only those that were affected.

The Cons framed this thing in such a way that they brought most people onside.

I am sure the Liberals would have followed suit except for the fact that going the other way might bring them some votes.

I have come to the conclusion that politicians only care about themselves & about their re-election.

The rest of us be damned.

If we turn out to be collateral damage , then so be it.

Man oh man , do these guys ever cheese me off.

Dr Mike Popovich

PS--Bruce , maybe we should go to carry the lumber

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea.

David and Lorraine Marshall
Cornwall, Ontario

Anonymous said...

Brent---great idea. Bill

Anonymous said...

My first clue, quite some time earlier, that the LIBS were
not anxious to hoist the income trusts' flag was when JM canceled out on a small, informal meeting in
which the mutually agreed upon topic was assisting income trusters who had lost their lifes' savings.

In the blink of an eye, John was gone. Never to return?


Anonymous said...

AWESOME idea!¡!


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Fillibluster said...

I just left a voice mail message on Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett's cell phone, She is my MP and paid elected Member of Parliament. I asked her to set up this meeting.

Similar requests have gone in today to Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewsky from one of his constituents (no not my 89 year old mother, but some other constituent in Etobicoke Central who is well known to Borys, not that that should even matter)

I suggest that others do likewise and inform me of those requests so we can keep track of them to determine whether we live in a participatory democracy or not.

Brent Fullard

Anonymous said...

Mr. Goodale,
Thank you for your comments on Income Trusts on the CBC show Power & Politics this evening. Me and thousands of my close friends (joke) who continually network on Income Trusts had though the Liberal Party had abandoned us, on the issue of Income Trusts. If the Liberal Party were to make a public announcement on the Harper betrayal, and the complete reversal
of Tory pronouncements on Income Trust taxation, I guarantee that Liberals will gain the support of a huge amount of investors (read seniors). The Tory trust taxation was a total betrayal - I suspect that many seniors voted for the Conservatives because of Harper's pledge to never attack senior "nest
eggs". I know that Brent Fuller has offered to meet with the Liberal caucus to brief you and explain the nuances of the issue of Income Trusts and I recommend that he be invited to do so - he is very informed on the issue.
Income Trusts is just one more example of the complete unreliability of Harper's word - he thinks we aren't watching. Below is a link to a CBC site entitled "Your Question Period - Question You Want To Ask Politicians". The questions are very informative about the priorities of Canadians. You should
not only look at the current list of questions but also should look at other lists of questions from last week, on the right side of the site entitled
"Your View - The Most Commented" Harper is dangerous to democracy.

Best Regards,
Sean XXXX, Montreal


Anonymous said...

Mr. Volpe, after your response to my email on prorogation, perhaps you would be prepared to assist in setting up the meeting that Brent is seeking as per the email below and prove that the Liberals are prepared to take action on some of these issues?


Anonymous said...

Brent, Brent, Brent.

Gee whiz guy. Do you think John is going to answer your voice mail when he hasn't answered the - what - thousands of emails and phone calls over this issue?

Now why would you expect that the finance critic for the Liberal party to want to represent a Joe citizen like you and me?

Call me crazy but do you think we elected these politicians to serve us?



Anonymous said...

Message from Liberal MP Paul Szabo

Dear Brent,

Good for you! I didn't present over 100 petitions in Parliament just to pass the time. It was a massacre that should not be forgotten or unaddressed. I admire your commitment to the cause and I do not know everything that is planned when we get together next week and the following week in Ottawa.

[portions deleted]


Paul Szabo

Anonymous said...

To: SzaboP@parl.gc.ca
Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2010 9:38 PM
Subject: Message from Liberal MP Paul Szabo

I commend you for this message to Mr. Fullard. I,m one of many that have been severely influenced by this fraudulent legislation regarding income trusts. Mr. Fullard is a voice in the wilderness speaking on behalf of citizens such as myself who don,t have the capacity or expertise to voice our total disinchantment with our Parliamentary Democracy. I can accept anything passed in the house if it is shown to have substance and is positive in the long run for our country. I find the way this issue was and is dealt with is demeaning and an affront to the intelligence of the public at large. I,ve followed Parliamentary hearings on CPAC in which you were the chair person and i can imagine what frustration it must be for yourself in putting up with the gamesminship.
I,ve always respected your consistent and unfaultering demeanor and honesty and it gives me a degree of hope that this income trust issue can be dealt with and a solution resolved.

Respectfully Yours
Don Bool
Courtenay, B.C.

Dr Mike said...

Glen Pearson
London North Center


As an income trust investor , I have grave concerns about the state of my portfolio & those of others invested in these units as the deadline for the tax hike approaches (Jan 1 2011).

I belong to CAITI (Canadian Association of Income Trust Investors) , that has been pushing for the rescinding of this tax prior to it`s implementation on the grounds that this tax has been misrepresented by the Conservative government.

Mr Flaherty based his tax on the assumption that trusts produced tax leakage , a loss of tax to gov`t coffers , which has since been disproven by several studies.

The head of our association is Brent Fullard , a retired investment banker , a person very knowledgeable in the trust field.

Since our Liberal MPs will be Ottawa during the prorogation period , I was hoping that your caucus would be interested in meeting with Mr Fullard to go over this issue since a trust tax change was part of your outward looking tax policy. Mr Fullard has been in touch with John McCallum concerning such a meeting & I just wanted to lend my support as I firmly believe an update on the eventual outcome of this tax is absolutely imperative.

If you are interested , please feel free to contact me at the number below or contact Mr Fullard directly at the number listed.

Thank you Glen for the attention to this matter as time is running out for the small investor.

Dr Mike Popovich
Rodney Ont

Brent Fullard
President and CEO
Canadian Association of Income Trust Investors/Taxpayers