Thursday, January 7, 2010

Calling Dan Cook

Big City Lib has a blog posting today entitled Calling Dan Cook

That's because Dan Cook seems to have a singular goal of maligning the accomplishments and significance of the Facebook Group known as Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament

Gee, why would Dan Cook possibly want to do that? Malign a Facebook initiative? Probably has a lot to do with the fact that Dan Cook is another disciple of that ultra right wing lunatic Charles Adler of Corus Radio talk show infamy. Think of Dan as simply part of Chucky Adlers's radio chorus network.

So here is my posted comment to that blog

Funny you should mention this.

I actually DID call Dan Cook in fact, just yesterday.

Since Don Cooks' idea of the brave new world of internet journalism is to hide behind a website that prevents others from commenting on his blatantly biased journalism, I took it upon myself to tell him what a spineless person that I think he is, and told him to open himself to scrutiny from the public, and hear what;s on their mind instead of his attempt at practicing one way mind control.

Give him a call yourself., His cell phone number is 416 807-8205.

Or call his boss, Steve at the Glib and Malicious in Ottawa 613 566-3645.

Better yet, call both of them, as I did.

Brent Fullard

PS: I did learn from Dan's boss at the Glib and Malicious, Steve, as he attempted to distance himself from Dan Cook's obviously offensive-to-me postings on the Glib's webpage, that Dan is a free lancer and is not paid for the postings he does for Glib. It meant nothing to me at the time, except as evidence of his boss's attempt to distance himself from Dan's decided trash, but afterwards I thought: "what's with that? Not paid?".

So what's the agenda going on here? How do I get to have my views disseminated by the Globe, like Dan Cook? Very strange arrangement. But we are talking about the Glib and Malicious after all?


Ted Betts said...


- 53% oppose prorogation; 19 per cent support; 28% undecided.

- 60% of Ontarians oppose.

- Only a minority of Conservative supporters (46%) support.

- 38% think prorogation is being invoked to curtail an inquiry into the treatment of Afghan detainees.

Anonymous said...

Dan Cook from Blog-o-shitics is a cowardly hack.

It's nice to see that as he poking fun at democracy (Facebook groups) and sucking on Charles's Adler, that the new Ekos poll shows support falling for those on the self imposed Harper vacation experience.


Dr Mike said...

83,639 nobodies on Facebook.

Ouch--that`s got to leave a mark.

Charles Adler has spun this one for the last 2 days, can`t wait to see what knots he will tie himself into today.

As I say , ouch-er-rooney.

Dr Mike

Liberal Justice said...

Be very, very, careful. As I understand it it has always been against the law to publish someone's cell phone number.

bigcitylib said...

Ditto LB, if that's private number (which it seems to be) then its a definite no no. If its a G&M work number then it may be OK. I pulled your comment on my site for that reason.

CAITI said...

The elusive Dan Cook strikes again, this time with the supprt of BigCityLib.

Not only does Dan Cook not allow comments on his blog, but you are blacking out the only known real time access that there is to the guy, based on some "legal advice" from a poster that goes by the name of "Liberal justice".

Sure you guys weren't giving legal advice to the Liberal Party on how to deal with Harper Cadman Bribery chill exercise?

Did it not occur to you to simply delete the phone number itslef, as opposed to my entire comment, if you had a concern about a telephone number getting out?

Where's the possible harm in getting a telephone number out? Does the guy not have "call display"?

Oh well, each to their own. If you want to discuss the matter further, please give me a call on my cell:

647 505-2224

Brent Fullard

bigcitylib said...

Brent,it did occur to me. I don't think you can do that with blogger.

Liberal Justice said...

What does this have to do with Cadman? My comment was just a friendly word to the wise. Now I don't give a rats ass if you listen to it ... or get sued for violating the law.

CAITI said...

Liberal Justice:

Simple question: Do you take unsolicited legal advice from people commenting on blogs using aliases?

Here's my unsolicited advice to you: Chill out.

Brent Fullard

Liberal Justice said...

Me chill out? That's a laugh given you're still whining about how the Tories plug the tax leak with income trusts. You're TOO funny, ha ha.

CAITI said...

Liberal Justice;

You have proven yourself to be a charade. Turns out you are as qualified in handing out unsolicited legal advice (especially given how completely shallow and without substantiation as it was and coming from an alias like Liberal Justice no less?) as you are handing out financial advice?

Sorry but there is not "tax leak". You know not what you speak of. Do you believe every wives' tale, or just the wives' tales of the Harper government.

Your moniker is an insult to true "Liberal Justice". Go find some senior retired person's pension income to steal while you tell them all about your tax leak theory and "laugh".

You are about as credible as Dan Cook and his endless spouting of canned dogma. Perhaps less credible, but I wanted to be charitable to you, as you clearly have a short fuse.

Ta ta.

Brent Fullard

CAITI said...

Ted Betts:

Great polling info!

Most insightful and encouraging.

Thanks for sharing!

Brent Fullard