Monday, January 4, 2010

January 25th: National Take Your MP to Work Day

Courtesy of Stephen Harper, and in lieu of Parliament being in session, I recommend that January 25, 2010 be declared as National Take Your MP to Work Day:

Recommended steps for a successful National Take Your MP to Work Day:

Step 1: First, make sure you do your best to dress your MP the same way that you dress for work. You want them to spend a day seeing what it's like when Mommy or Daddy goes to work. It will make them feel important and connected to you and proud to be your MP.

Step 2:
When you get to work, introduce your MP to your co-workers. Make sure you include several "fun" co-workers that like MPs (if that's possible?) and will make your MPs feel welcomed and safe.

Step 3:
When you need to take some time away from your MP to get some work done, ask a co-worker who is on lunch or break to give your MP a mini-tour of your job site. I would suggest letting someone else do this so that your MP can spend time away from you and experience your job as if they were you. It will make them feel big and more adult.

Step 4: Show your MP the technology and electronics that you use everyday. Let them see that there is more to computers and electronics than tv and video games. If you can, let them push a button or two. Maybe use a nail gun perhaps? Watch the wonder in their eyes.

Step 5: Teach your MP about the green technology at your place of employment. Show them where you recycle and where you keep trash. Let them help you clean or carry supplies to places where they can participate in the greening up process. This will help them to appreciate Earth Day and Greening Up more and inspire them to do it more at home and school.

Step 6: Give them a task that they can perform without your supervision or help. This will make them feel awesome! They'll be helping Mom or Dad do their job. Watch your MP work with others from a distance where they cannot see you. Take time to appreciate your little champion at work. These moments disappear so quickly.

Step 7: Let them operate any machinery that is safe. Let them ride in or on any vehicles that your supervisor or management will allow. Don't forget that huge machines and vehicles are amazing to MPs. Things that you use everyday lose their charm to you, but are still wondrous to little minds and little eyes, and those so divorced from reality, like every one of Canada's 308 MPs.


Anonymous said...


Patricia Falkenheim Nolan

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Nona MacDermid

softech said...
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Anonymous said...

Umm, I would love to invite my MP (Steven Harper) but my work place has been prorogued.

Clgary Voter

Marx-A-Million said...

I love it! This will certainly advance your agenda of tax loopholes for major corporations!

Dr Mike said...

After we have Harper prorogue Marx-A-Million (whoever he or she is , still no cojones I see) , everyone should go log-in at Facebook & join the group "Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament".

The numbers are growing rapidly , so add your voice to the disgruntled masses that still believe that since we pay our MPs they should work for us & not the party.

Dr Mike Popovich

PS---Marx , how is the work on the 18 blacked-out pages coming--any insight or just still more of the same bla bla bla.

CAITI said...

Blogger Marx-A-Million said...

"This will certainly advance your agenda of tax loopholes for major corporations!"

Hey Marxy-boy:

You seem to have become a broken record. A broken record that lacks any ability to provide substantiation for the claims that he makes.

Please provide evidence for the claim that you are making above that our goal is to advance the agenda of tax loopholes for large corporations, when in fact are agenda is the exact opposite.

The purpose of this blog is to provide people the opportunity to express their opinions which based on facts and to learn from one another. You do not appear to be capable of either.

Please attempt substantiate the claim you are making above, or retract it. Failure on your part to substantiate this claim of yours will amount to a retraction.

Thank you,

Brent Fullard
Blog Administrator

Thank you