Wednesday, January 6, 2010

NDP MP Nathan Cullen made the mistake of posting on Facebook

Seeking to exploit the wave of sentiment of Canadians posting to the Facebook page Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament, Nathan Cullen found himself exposed to this question from a fellow citizen of the internet village:

Hey Nathan. You and your NDP party care not a wit for Canadian democracy. If you did care about Canada's democracy why did you personally vote for Harper's income trust tax that caused Canadians to lose their means for essential retirement income and to lose $35 billion of their life savings based on Harper's lie about tax leakage. What kind of democracy sees legislation pass that is based on patent lies like tax leakage? Lies that are made obvious by the fact that Harper's only proof of tax leakage took the form of 18 pages of blacked out documents. You should be ashamed of yourself, and should at least do something to reverse the massive foreign takeover of Canadian businesses that are formed as trusts, which the NDP's support for this policy ensued. Is that what the NDP stands for? Blacked out documents and foreign takeovers leading to massive loss of Canadian tax revenue? Get with the program. It’s called accountability and transparency. Prove to me where the tax leakage is? Or do you take everything that you vote on for granted? I challenge you to demonstrate that you actually believe in democracy by revealing Harper's total lie about tax leakage.

Where's your downside in that?

Brent Fullard



Anonymous said...

Howw man years is this now droning on and on about income trusts? Its a done deal, get over it. Talk about flogging a dead horse. You have atomized one. Stop polluting liblogs with your rantings. No one cares or even remembers...

CAITI said...


That's quite the standard that you have adopted for inclusion in Liblogs....."no body cares or remembers".

Begs the question, did you ever know anything in the first place?

Obviously you don't know anything about this issue, since it is not a "done deal", as the tax doesn't come into effect for another year.

Meanwhile over two thirds of the trusts have yet to be acquired by foreigners and US private equity and the associated loss of $7.5 billion in taxes has not been triggered yet.

But you want us to stop? Great advice coming from some ill informed defeatist. No thanks to that advice.

As for horses, would you prefer that we flog live horses?

Got any in mind like the live horse concerning pension adequacy (income trusts), how we are going to get out of deficit (income trusts) or maybe protecting Canadians companies from unwanted foreign takeovers and loss of head office jobs (income trusts)?

Which one suits your fancy, Anonymous?

Brent Fullard

CAITI said...

Hey anonymous:

Talking about things that you may consider irrelevant on LIblogs, did you see the latest posting by James Morton, a Vice President of the Liberal Party of Canada?

Really important and earth shattering news of Polar Bears dancing to the Vienna Philharmonic:

Anonymous said...

Just to add to this Nathan, you know full well your union buddies are buying these income trusts to support your golden pension plans. And get this Nathan!

They pay no tax.

The 75% of Canadians who own income trusts pay 31 1/2% tax and you and your buddies pay nothing.

The N.D.P,s mantra=we,re out for the little guy.

Y...ou are complicit in fraud Nathan and need to re-think your moral fibre.

"Pension funds and private
equity funds evade paying any taxes on income trusts.!"

Some level playing field and some kitchen table eh! Nathan?

Don Bool

Anonymous said...

Thank the good Lord that so many fine Canadians were smart enough NOT to elect Brent Dullard to public office.

There may be hope for this country yet.

Jim said...

I just got this blog.

Reading it can only give you the conclusion that Brent Fullard is fucking nuts.

To think that he was once respected, it's pretty sad.

Dr Mike said...

I hate anonymous posters like anonymous & Jim---they don`t have the facts to back-up their erroneous claims or they would have the stomach & the balls to use their real names.

No names = Chicken livered no-fact dead beats.

The last jerk-wad that called down Brent must be some sort of a wise-assed numbskull as my hat is always off to anyone who takes the time , the ridicule & puts in the enormous effort to run for public office.

This anonymous tool does not even have the cojones to use his own name let alone sacrifice himself for the public.

Dr Mike Popovich

CAITI said...

Anonymous said...

"Thank the good Lord that so many fine Canadians were smart enough NOT to elect Brent Dullard to public office."

Well I can tell you that that was NEVER going to happen, as Brent Dullard never even made it to ballot!

Hence no need to gratuitously involve the good Lord in whatever point it was you were trying to make?

Brent Fullard

PS: I didn't see your name on the ballot either, you brave soul you,

CAITI said...


That's quite the vocabulary that you have there.

Meanwhile as to "To think that he was once respected, it's pretty sad."

What a crazy accusation!

What evidence do you have that Brent Fullard was ever respected?

Certainly not by you, I hope, cause that doesn't count.

Brent Fullard