Friday, January 15, 2010

Trash talk with Thomas Mulcair

Thinking that the following might have appeal to the NDP Party, I called Thomas Mulcair, the Deputy Leader and Finance Critic:

“Thomas: I have something very constructive to offer to your Party and ALL Canadians, in the form of a rare win-win-win face saving solution that will generate about $6 billion in ANNUAL new tax revenue from people desperate to pay it to Revenue Canada. This will be even better than when Jack Layton got Paul Martin to roll back those corporate tax cuts [back in 2005].”

I began our conversation by describing the Marshall Plan to Thomas Mulcair,, and its win win win outcome in resolving the income trust matter and how the Marshall Plan would convert $6 billion of deferred taxes (the source of the NDP’s erroneous tax leakage assumption) into cash taxes in order to transform them into $6 billion of hard annual cash currency for the government to fund much needed social programs and to help address Canada’s deficit.

Thereupon, Thomas dealt with this serious proposal by saying that:

(1) BFI should never have been an income trust, as they are North America’s largest waste management companies......huh? I told him that this was a "garbarge" argument.

(2) The NDP never lied to us about the taxation of trusts, whereas Harper did. As if that has anything to do with the Marshall Plan?

It is for reason number (2) that I feel compelled to write this email, to share with you my response to Thomas Mulcair which was to tell him that he is seeking to buy absolution for his party’s sins and omissions by blaming Harper for his breaking of his 2006 election promise. This narrow definition of the issue might work for Thomas Mulcair but it has no value to me as an argument, since the broken promise might be an issue in his mind, but not mine, since I have been focused almost EXCLUSIVELY on the fact that the premise that Harper used to justify the flip flop was the bogus tax leakage argument. Something that the NDP are as enjoined in as the CONs themselves, since those two parties seem to share the same love for democratic due process and blacked out documents as the other.

I also challenged Thomas to tell me where in the 5 provisions of the Ways and Means motion did it mention the concept that he was referring to in (1) above. He was unable to say, but said it doesn’t matter because that was his party’s reasons for voting for this trust. Ergo, the fact that all 5 of the 5 provisons of the Ways and Means motion are false, apparently doesn’t matter. Okay?

That was quite the call I had. Not only did I learn that the NDP try to slough off their enjoinment on this issue to the CONs, but they seem to want to forget that the whole tax plan was advanced by concepts that to date the government and the NDP have never proved, but the most appalling thing I learned about the NDP’s modus operandi, is that they are willing to openly admit that they are happy to pass legislation for reasons that have nothing to do whatsoever with the provisions of the Ways and Means motion, which is the instrument of Parliament that empowers legislation to be drafted and voted on in the first place.

So now we have the situation where not only are lies like tax leakage enshrined in legislation, so too apparently are hidden agendas and ulterior motives, which is exactly the point that I made in an Op Ed that appeared in the London Free Press in November 2006, except in that Op Ed I was simply speculating about that possibility, whereas now I have the proof.

The NDP cares not a wit about democratic due process. Is it any co-incidence that both Jim Flaherty and Thomas Mulcair are lawyers? Practiced in the craft of being opaque and unaccountable for their actions.


Dr Mike said...

OMG , so what was that all about.

The job of any politician is to do what is best for their constituents.

By that I would expect them to look at every avenue & every approach before making any decision that would affect us.

I would also expect them to remain open minded until they hear all of the facts & all of the options.

It appears that Mr Mulcair may have other irons in this particular fire.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Gee whiz there are people dying in th streets of Haiti.

Please, why don't you just give it a rest. The government love them or hate them is doing an admirable job for all Canadians. Why don't you and your puppet, Dr. Mike, focus on that for a change.

penlan said...

That is absolutely shocking! Thankyou for sharing this with us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing.

As a NON GM, CAW paycheque, trust unit investor household, who will be fighting soon to hang onto a company pension - Thomas Mulcair can kiss our asses and lick the scum off our boots!

By supporting CON policy and not doing their homework on the Income Trust issue, the NDP is responsible for just as much damage in this country as Harper's CONS.
Obviously this ass-ole doesn't get the Income Trust connection with labour policy.
Duh Mr. Mulcair- when foreigners, especially if the country of origin is third world and known for labour abuses, take over Canadian companies they try and bring their own country's labour policies to implement here. Now that Cdn Trusts have been threatened and so many of Brent's points about cheap assets for foreigners to take over were illustrated in 2009 - there is a threat to labour Canadian policies.
I don't have a specific trust example, but Mr. Mulcair can ask those dudes at Vale Inco what they think of foreign ownership. I am sure they are pissed with whoever is responsible for that 2006 decision. That decision also caused a TSE delisting ... so not good for regular Canadian investors either.

Same thing with the Income Trust connection to the environment. Maybe you need to send Mulcair your CAITI piece on the Income Trust / environment connection? And the recent piece on the TSX delistings / tax?

That is if Mr. Mulcair is not too dumb to read and comprehend them.

No idea what Mulcair's specialty in law is, but it is obviously not in the areas of Finance, the environment or labour. And it is clear the NDP doesn't give a crap about senior citizens or regular Canadian investors who want to keep their money in this country!

This has just motivated me to officially contact the NDP and let them know we want our house off their mailing list. We should have done it years ago, accompanied with a nasty, but appropriate letter.

Fillibluster said...

This is what I sent Mulcair immediately after out phone call ended (in my state of utter disbelief):

Comments from a CAW Skilled Trades negotiator at GM

Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 07:03:51 -0500
To: Brent Fullard
Subject: Re: 2010 Budget Consultations - The Marshall Savings Plan

Now this has legs Brent!!


Dr Mike said...

Puppet , moi????

Minion maybe.

Fighter for the little guy maybe.

Despiser of everything undemocratic maybe.

Hater of blacked-out pages maybe.

No patience with liars & thieves maybe.

But I am no puppet.

Dr Mike Popovich

penlan said...

Dr. Mike,
I think we know who the puppet is, right? ;)

If I were to stay focussed on the Haiti tragedy 24/7 I'd go insane.

Fillibluster said...

As a NON GM, CAW paycheque, trust unit investor


Sent whole of your comment to Mulcair, cc "the world" (ie lots of others)

Brent Fullard

Dr Mike said...


You are right on the money.

Haiti is a terrible tragedy & we are all doing everything that we can to help.

The rest of the time we have to concentrate our efforts on making Canada a better place to live.

I , like many others here are just trying to right an obvious wrong--we are often criticized but those critical but they never come here with any facts.

It is hard fighting a ghost let alone a ghost with no facts.

If someone can prove to me with figures to back it up that trusts cause a loss in taxes to gov`t coffers , then I would shut-up & go away.

So I say pffffft to them all.

Thanks penlan.

Dr Mike Popovich

Fillibluster said...

If you are a member of the CAW and lost out because of the income trust tax in one way or another (as there are so many ways to get screwed from this tax) you have the CAW to blame as they were vocal in their opposition to income trusts.

For example:

Bruce Benson said...

Brent I remember when Mulcair was first elected and I remember how much hope you had in this guy. It did not take much time for Mulcair to show his colors. He is only part of the systemic problem regarding the dumb ass DIPPERS! The jerk looks a lot smarter than he really is and I don’t give a shit if he is a lawyer. Bruce

Geoffrey Laxton said...

I have sent literally thousands of dollars to the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders anytime there has been a disaster in the World. Unfortunately, since the insane income trust tax announcement destroyed my equity, I have been sending a lot less after making ends meet in my life.

Anonymous said...

"Gee whiz there are people dying in th streets of Haiti.

Please, why don't you just give it a rest. The government love them or hate them is doing an admirable job for all Canadians. Why don't you and your puppet, Dr. Mike, focus on that for a change."


Did it ever occur to you that if people hadn't lost $35 billion and if the government wasn't losing $7billion per year that there would be more available capital for people to help not only Haitian people but people waiting in lines here for health care?