Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Photos from Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament

Stephen Harper's idea of governing is to Lie Conceal Fabricate. That is true of a great many issues of the past 4 years, ranging from the Cadman bribery to the Linda keen firing,to the Richard Colvin full frontal assault but no issue more so than his income trust lie and his tax leakage lie. The man is deceitful as well as incompetent to the core. He is in the pocket of big business The only good thing that I can say about Harper is that his gross violations of Canadians democracy awakened Canadians to the need for fundamental democratic reform.

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Dr Mike said...

What really frosts my bojangles is the fact that we tried to tell Canadians back in early 2007 that something was rotten in the state of Canada.

No one would listen & now we are paying the price as our democracy is seriously threatened.

Let`s hope that this latest prorogation stirs the embers of discontent & this time , I say this time , at least we don`t let him off of the hook.

Let this be a reminder to everyone out there that it is up to us to watch these guys in politics as they no longer work for us but they work for their parties & for big business.

Dr Mike Popovich