Monday, January 11, 2010

Changing the channel

As we speak, we are witnessing Harper ”changing the channel”, from the Politics channel to the Business channel. Leaving the Liberals behind to wallow in the dust.

The coy Stephen Harper will be on BNN’s Squeeze Play today at 5 pm.. When has that ever happened in the past? Never.

This is why Harper prorogued Parliament, in order to “change the channel”.. How good of BNN to oblige. Any chance that BNN will ask him about his TAX LEAKAGE LIE which caused Canadians to lose $35 billion of their life savings. Maybe Harper will have some more stock picks to share with Canadians like “A Conservative Government will never raid seniors’ nest eggs by taxing income trusts”. What a CON job that was! Where is the representation in Ottawa for these people and that massive scam? Does that channel even exist? The Accountability Channel? I guess not.


Dr Mike said...

I have to admit , the guy is a survivor.

Speaking of Survivor , maybe we should ask Mark Burnett if he could use one slightly used PM on his show.

I will gladly pay the plane fare.

Dr Mike

PSSST , Liberals , it is all about the economy & allowing Canadians to Survive day to day expenses----income trusts were the answer to supplementing income streams & they were the answer to enhanced gov`t revenues.

Anonymous said...

Not many will see and those that do are partisans anyway.

Anonymous said...

The only people get squeezed are the Canadian electorate!


CAITI said...


Amanda Lang took that schtick with her to the CBC, so now we get "squeezed" from all angles.

BNN, CTV, CBC etc, etc.

Brent Fullard