Monday, January 11, 2010

UPDATE: Pension issue out-polls detainee issue by 2 to 1 in CBC Poll

When will the Liberals/NDP/Bloc expose Harper’s Harper’s tax leakage lies that destroyed Canadians’ pensions. Hello? Why the Get out free jail card for Harper on this issue.

Results as of right now:

What will government do to protect the employees, pensioners and disabled workers who may be left without protection? 49% (5,700 votes)

What did the prime minister know about Afghan prisoners being transferred into unsafe Afghan prisons and when did he know it? 33% (2,359 votes)

How does my representation in Ottawa work when there is no Parliament? 12% (953 votes)

How is government listening to Canadians in advance of the new budget in March? 3% (244 votes)

With the government's new 'tough on crime' legislation what is the government's plan to house the influx of prisoners? 3% (198 votes)

Total Votes: 9,454

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Dr Mike said...

I am sick & tired of Flaherty appointing panels of big shot CEOs & hand-picked cronies such as the Mintz-ster.

Most Canadians do not have company or gov`t pension plans--we are foraging for ourselves out in the real world for God`s sake.

It is time to ask Harper the tough questions---why were trusts really taxed--show us the figures on tax leakage & if they are security secrets then show them to my Conservative MP Joe Preston who is a member of the Harper caucus & therefore must not be a security risk.

I am tired of always getting the shaft in order to give some big CEOs the leg-up.

Speaking of shafts , ask him about the HST while you are at it.

Dr Mike Popovich