Thursday, January 7, 2010

Harper is just like Buckleys. Except he doesn't work!

Harper is just like Buckley's cough syrup, except he doesn't work! But he sure tastes bad. Really bad! Recent taste tests show that 95% of Canadians don't like the taste of Stephen Harper.

The fact that Harper tastes bad reminds me of that Dan Leger column from a long, long, time ago. Monday of this week I think. Well it sure feels like a long time ago, Back in the day when a person could pen an article entitled: 2010: the year of the Harper majority and whose opening line reasoned:

"DON’T LIKE Stephen Harper? Too bad for you. Like him or not, 2010 is the year he’s likely to cement his hold on power with a majority government.Does it even matter whether Harper is loved, loathed or feared? Probably not."

My one word response both then and now is: puke.

Could Dan Leger have been any more wrong if he tried, as he attempted to force feed Harper’s intolerable BS down the throats of an unsuspecting public?

Let's face it, Harper is just like Buckleys’ Except he doesn’t work. But he sure tastes bad? Like a lot of the yellow journalism that permeates this country, and without whom Harper would only be a glimmer in some jerk’s eye.

I think Dan Leger owes Canadians an apology, if only for his own sake, and maybe the circulation numbers at the Halifax Chronicle Herald. I wonder which one of Harper's corporate CEO cronies controls that paper? Doesn't really matter, now that Facebook affords Canadians with an opportunity to impose a much needed degree of integrity and independence into the pulse of public opinion and dialogue in this country. Facebook allows Canadians to help set the agenda. Canadians' agenda!

Something that the papers used to do such a long long time ago. No I am not talking about Monday of this week. More like back in the days of Watergate, which was the last real big story that was ever broken open by the press, Which is about the same time that corporate interests realized they better get a handle on the press, because it was getting in the way of their large agenda. Ever since, they have been buying up the press left right and center. Just look at Canada, to get a sense for the degree of concentrated corporate ownership of the press.

Thank goodness Facebook isn't for sale, and if it were, the price tag would be more than any of Canada's billionaires would be prepared to pay in order to keep their lock on Canadians otherwise independent thoughts and opinions. Furthermore any attempts by Facebook to impose such restrictions on its use would render it worthless as an investment. Meanwhile something else would immediately pop up to take it's place.

Thank goodness for the internet. Unlike that guy Harper, it not only works, but it tastes really really good!

Sweet in fact. Really sweet. Just like the sweet taste of democracy and justice.


Dr Mike said...

92,400 members on Facebook.

No wonder all of sudden Stephen Harper is giving one interview after another.

He has got to be feeling the heat of democratic renewal hitting the back his neck.

Is that the Timmies crowd I hear??

Dr Mike

Ken S from Ramara said...

The only way to defeat Harpo is to run a single coalition candidate against a CPC opponent. They may as well take the steps now to unite because after a Harpo majority their hands will be forced.

If the Left fails to unite and run a single candidate, I will hasten their downfall by voting for the CPC!

The biggest barrier to a coalition is Jack Layton. Mr. Layton is happy to stay on the outside of power looking. Jack should take the bold step an make the first move to call for a united party that can defeat the Harpo regime!

Dr Mike said...

When you think about it ,the "New" Conservative party is nothing more than a Coalition.

When you think about it , the Bloc has no influence outside of Quebec.

When you think about it , the union on the right took a few years for the people to get used to it.

When you think about it , it took a devastating loss by the Conservatives to force the change & a union.

When you think about it , our parliamentary first past the post system works well only if there are two main parties.

When you think about it , a union of the left is inevitable.

Dr Mike Popovich