Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Here's 27,000 Canadians unwilling to cede power to the Harper thugs

Are you one of them? Join today by simply clicking here.

27,000 Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament represents over 10 times the membership of Harper's old Canadian Citizens Coalition thingy nether-organization. If he thought that gave him a voice and a platform, how can he dismiss this group?

Oh, I forgot he is Stephen Harper and we are not. More hypocrisy-in-the-making from the Harpercrite himself.


Dr Mike said...

Pierre Polievre seems to think that Canadians do not care about the shuttering of parliament.

Well it appears he was wrong (again).

We pay these guys & we want our money`s worth , or we want our money back.

Dr Mike Popovich

CAITI said...

Today's papers reported:

“But Pierre Poilievre, Harper's parliamentary secretary, said a recent poll suggests Canadians are indifferent to the prime minister's decision to prorogue Parliament.”

Perhaps, but what Pierre Poilievre fails to cite, is that that poll was taken before Christmas! As if polls mean anything to start with. Jerk.

Can't this Pierre Poilievre clown operate in real time with real people?

Brent Fullard

Anonymous said...

Mr. Dion and MPs Gerard Kennedy, Martha Hall-Findlay, Maurizio Bevilacqua, Joe Volpe and Hedy Fry were all given extensions that expired on New Year’s Eve.

“Due to a difficult fundraising environment, including a recession, a general election and constant election speculation, some of the campaigns have indicated they will require more time to repay their debt,” wrote Liberal director of communications Daniel Lauzon in an email.

As Mr. Mayrand is not allowed to grant further extensions, the candidates are left in a difficult position. If they can raise the money, they must now get permission from a judge to pay off their loans. Otherwise, the outstanding debts will be treated as campaign contributions under the law.

Because most of the loans were in five or six figures, the amounts that are converted to “deemed contributions” could be in violation of the Canada Elections Act, which caps donations at $1,100 per contributor per campaign.


CAITI said...


Since when did you think that the Liberal set the standards by which a virtuous politician should be measured?

That's the low standard that Harper constantly sets for himself. What makes you possibly think that is satisfactory to us?

Get with the program. Canada needs fundamental democratic reform. Do you honestly think that's going to come from the politicians themselves?

Brent Fullard

Anonymous said...

Where's Iffy?

I can't wait for the fourth quarter fund raising result to come in at the end of this month.


Dr Mike said...

Careful now Brent , you are confusing the Con attack-men.

You are supposed to be a lefty-Liberal-lovin boob.

Not fair being an equal opportunity democracy lovin stick-up for the little guy blogger.

Dr Mike

CAITI said...

It's a good thing this protest is taking place on Facebook and not the Liberal's onprobation.ca website, as something might actually come of it. Can't say the same for the Liberal's controlled protest site.

Hey, whatever became of that initiative any way? Like we even care or need to know. Just another flash in the pan... politically motivated protest du jour.

All of this to say, we need fundamental democratic reform in this country, and that ain't going to come from the politicians or the established political parties themselves. For them, they have too much to lose, so little to gain.

Dr Mike said...

ouch---33,000 & counting!!

Dr Mike

CAITI said...

Putting things into the proper perspective:

The Facebook Index
by Aaron Wherry
Tuesday, January 5, 2010 11:11am

As of this writing, the group Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament is more popular than all five federal political leaders in this country.

Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament: 29,340 members

Stephen Harper: 29,323 supporters

Michael Ignatieff: 28,673 supporters

Jack Layton: 27,690 supporters

Elizabeth May: 6,400 supporters

Gilles Duceppe: 3,989 supporters

CAITI said...

Thanks Aaron Wherry for putting this matter into the proper perspective, unlike others in the press, such as Dan Cook of the Globe and Mail, who demonstrated he isn't even capable of grade school math, and slipped a few falsehoods while slipping a few digits.

Meanwhile, where is the grass roots movement called Canadians For Proroguing Parliament?

Surely some die hard CONservative like Ezra Levant is up to such a challenge?

Dr Mike said...

35 , 500 now.

This must be setting the Harper`s teeth on edge.

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

I am sure that there are many of us out there who would like to sign but do not and will not participate with Facebook.


CAITI said...

Not to worry Richard. The numbers keep growing. I only became a member of Facebook when I ran for office. I was told that it was the thing to do. Otherwise I would probably not be on it myself. You should go there and read some of the thousands of comments. Canadians are not as dumb as these politicians and those in the misleadia would prefer to believe. Somebody should write a book about the Canadians press. A good title would be “False Reliance”.