Monday, January 11, 2010

Hey Flanagan: Reverse psychology won't diffuse the issue. Sheesh!

Parliament Prorogued to Shut Down Afghan Inquiry: Flanagan

Power & Politics Video: "Everybody knows that the Parliament was prorogued in order to shut down the afghan inquiry..." said Flanagan.

Flanagan's grade school logic being that if everybody knew it, then it must be okay?

This Flanagan guy is real trouble.

Famous for saying “It doesn’t have to be true., It just has to sound plausible?."

He was also the guy who along with (now Senator) Doug Finlay delivered the final proposal to Cadman to sell his vote for a $1 million life insurance policy, assuming Stephen Harper is to believed. Cadman, wisely, declined their offer.

Why does this Rasputin get such prominent air play in the Globe on CBC etc etc? Are they trying to dumb us down, if so they are doing a bang up job!

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