Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jobs? The only jobs that Harper is good at creating, is Con jobs!

Con-jobs like tax leakage or BS like this, from 5 minutes ago. Are there really enough morons in Canada who fall for this kind of utter nonsense to make it worthwhile?

Ignatieff Liberals Renew Attack on Canadian Soldiers

Michael Ignatieff, unseen in Canada until Thursday night, when he arrived on a flight from Europe after an extended vacation, has launched a small-budget ad campaign intended to distract attention from his lengthy absence.

The ad campaign renews the Ignatieff Liberals' claim about a "coverup" of "torture" of Taliban prisoners. Mr. Ignatieff persists in this attack even though the allegation that torture was covered up represents a direct attack on the men and women of Canada's Armed Forces.

The Ignatieff Liberals like to pretend that their wild allegation bypasses the soldiers who captured and handed over Taliban prisoners -- but that's just not logical.

The rest of Mr. Ignatieff's ad campaign is more of the same -- idle chatter that is out of touch with the real priorities of Canadians -- including Canadians' number one priority, the economy.

Our Government is hard at work and remains hard at work on the things that matter to Canadians, in particular the economy. This includes completing implementation of our Economic Action Plan, returning to balanced budgets once the economy has recovered, and building a strong economy for the future.


Dr Mike said...

This Con statement sounds like the script from the Charles Adler show.

Why is it that these people invoke the Canadian troops every chance they get.

If I was one of the men or women in our military I would be pissed to no end as these people are using them as shills in their attempt to retain power.

This statement is certainly nothing more than a thin chaff & not up to the usual standards for the Con attack machine---sounds to me like the PM must be out of town.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Last Dec and Jan when King Steve was shut...the economy dropped over 100k jobs...this past Friday, we lost 2.6k vs expectations of +20K...when we lose more jobs in Feb, I hope the opposition call these clown on their "fiscal stewards" bs that they prattle on about.

DrKeithCurrie said...
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