Sunday, January 10, 2010

Revised script for Liberal's "cover up" television ad

Voice over: Instructions to narrator: Dark ominous tone, speaking slowly.

[Begin voice over]

Cover up

A description far more familiar to other countries... until now

When questions arose about what he and his government knew about [torture in Afghanistan] / [tax leakage from income trusts ]

......Stephen Harper [shut down Parliament] / [shut out Canadians].

Why doesn’t he want to face [Parliament] / [Canadians]?

What is he covering up [with his 18 pages of blacked out documents]?

What does Stephen Harper know that he doesn’t want other Canadians to know?

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Kephalos said...

There are the issues that have been covered-up or blacked-out... and then there's the cancer on Canadian democracy.

Going prorogue was decided by one man--not a party, not a caucus, not a cabinet but by one man.

Here we are in the 21st-century and we are progressing backwards to the dominion of the Philosopher-king except this Prime Majority of One-man doesn't even have a philosophy degree. And we let it happen, eh?

CAITI said...

I can't believe this. Liblogs (purposely?) butchered the link to this posting from their site, by:

(1) abbreviating the title to “Revised script for Liberal “ from

(2) deleting the graphic that accompanies the posting of the one frame from the Liberal’s ad

(3) lead into the piece with the fourth sentence of “A description far more familiar to other countries... until now”

Instead of :

Voice over: Instructions to narrator: Dark ominous tone, speaking slowly.

We are having enough problems getting this story on the CBC. Now we have Liblogs doing the same?

Some country!

Brent Fullard

CAITI said...

should have read

(1)abbreviating the title to

“Revised script for Liberal “


"Revised script for Liberal's "cover up" television ad"

Making the obvious and intriguing into the bland and obscure

Anonymous said...

The ads also have to reinforce the arrogance of the Harper government.

Anonymous said...

Yes all the info is here using vid one, will the LIb's enter the space or be space.


CAITI said...


So far “space”, the final frontier, yet to be entered by Liberals


Dr Mike said...

The Libs could have removed Harper & his crew back in early 2007 with just one tv ad depicting the shock in the faces of people massacred in the Halloween scare---they could have tossed-in their personal experiences & how the lie & the deceit nearly ruined their lives.

This would have connected this issue with the folks on the street & it would have exposed Harper`s true nature early on.

It was indeed an opportunity lost.

Dr Mike

PS---the Liberals need to learn the art of war--unless you can personalize an issue & make it relevant to the guy on the street , it won`t have traction.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Mike:

I know a elderly gentleman who was a self-employed tailor his entire life who takes care of his wife with alzheimer's who depended on income trusts in both their RRIF accounts for their retirement incomes.  He lost almost half his money because of the numb skull income trust tax.  There are thousands like him in the same situation.  People in their 70s, 80s and 90s who this idiot regime doesn't care about who lost half their retirement nest egg when they most need it.  What a bunch of scumbags who perpetrated this fraud!


Dr Mike said...


Now that is what the Cons don`t want the public to see---that is was just ordinary folks that were hurt with this mess they call the Tax Fairness Plan.

Dr Mike