Monday, January 11, 2010

Okay enough! We've reached the tipping point. This guy is truly nuts!

The stench of Harper’s intellectual sleaze is becoming overbearing, and has reached tragically epic proportions. The constant and repetitious dissembling by Harper has reached absurd extremes. First during Thursday's Peter Mansbridge interview about Harper’s true reasons behind Prorogation 2.0, as having something to do with Canadians' priorities (hello?) and now this press release missive of today (see below) of self righteous bogus nonsense issued by the PMO in an attempt to defend himself against the indefensible, namely Proragation 2.0, by cynically exploiting the goodwill that Canadians have for their military servicepersons, as Harper tries to finagle himself from his most recent act of criminal wrongdoing.

The fist such criminal act being his income trust fraud, The second being his attempted elected official bribery. And the third most recent being his possible contravention of the Geneva convention, now unfolding before the court of public opinion, assuming the public to be anything more than simply the innocent victim that it has now become and convenient tool for Harper to exploit, whenever it suits His Majesty's political gain.

No wonder we have reached the tipping point. The man is likely guilty on all three charges (as opposed to just two) and has become desperate and near delusional, in His attempt to escape criminal justice and accountability Clearly He has become too delusional to be left without a Parliament to keep Him in check, assuming such a thing is even possible with a psycopath like this.

But hey, the Olympics aren’t far away, no doubt, the opening ceremonies will be resplendent with military overtones and General Hillier as the Globe and Mail's Nation Builder of the Decade (WTF is with that?), attending in full military costume.

Meanwhile, are there really enough morons in Canada who fall for this kind of utter nonsense to make intellectually demeaning press release like this worthwhile? I shudder to think. This can't be Canada?

Ignatieff Liberals Renew Attack on Canadian Soldiers

Michael Ignatieff, unseen in Canada until Thursday night, when he arrived on a flight from Europe after an extended vacation, has launched a small-budget ad campaign intended to distract attention from his lengthy absence.

The ad campaign renews the Ignatieff Liberals' claim about a "coverup" of "torture" of Taliban prisoners. Mr. Ignatieff persists in this attack even though the allegation that torture was covered up represents a direct attack on the men and women of Canada's Armed Forces.

The Ignatieff Liberals like to pretend that their wild allegation bypasses the soldiers who captured and handed over Taliban prisoners -- but that's just not logical.

The rest of Mr. Ignatieff's ad campaign is more of the same -- idle chatter that is out of touch with the real priorities of Canadians -- including Canadians' number one priority, the economy.

Our Government is hard at work and remains hard at work on the things that matter to Canadians, in particular the economy. This includes completing implementation of our Economic Action Plan, returning to balanced budgets once the economy has recovered, and building a strong economy for the future.


Dr Mike said...

Hopefully the 50,000 Canadians booing in the stands at the Olympic Opening ceremonies will kick him square in the posterior.

This guy has an agenda & nothing will stop him except for the Canadian people.

Anybody who demeans our military`s young people by hiding behind their good name deserves nothing better than a loud "boo" from all of us.


Dr Mike Popovich

PS---can`t wait to see how Adler will spin this one today.

CAITI said...

How dare you suggest such a thing Dr. Mike!

Booing King Prorogue at the Olympics would be a direct insult to our men and women in the military....while the whole world is watching.

Get a hold of yourself man!

Please retract that comment of yours from this blog immediately.



Dr Mike said...

I may be the poster boy in the next round of Con attack ads.

What was I thinking.

Dr Mike

PS---The back of our house faces onto Harper Street---boooooooo to our house too.

CAITI said...

Prorogation 2.0

This isn't a software program, it's a hardware program put out by the Hardass himself and his hardware monopoly called MacroHard Inc., based out of Ottawa and simple minds like those of Tom Flanagan, whose idea of morality is:

"It doesn't have to be true, it just has to sound plausible"

What is it Prorogation 2.0, programmed to do?

I guess we'll soon find out?

Brent Fullard